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The Kanohi Zutekhae is the Unique Mask of Victory. Its intended power is to allow the user to win a battle, but its power is temperamental; victory is not immediate, and nor is it often easy for the wearer to achieve.

BH Kanohi Avohkii
Allows worthy wearers to win any battle


Originally, it was hidden in an underground temple on Nepolius shortly after its creation.

For a time, a Matoran called Ikov had the mask, until he traded it with the Dark Hunters for another Matoran called Yezu. However, Ikov was forced to use it in defense against Vanisher, and was transformed into Vashkov.

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The Zutekhae grants the user the power needed to be victorious in battle. However, victory is not immediate, and doesn't make the user invincible. The Zutekhae itself is fickle, and will not bestow its full power to any wearer who is not willing to take risks in battle.

It can be used by Matoran, but its powers are far weaker, often granting strange mutations to try and achieve victory rather than granting pure strength or altering probability.

The Zutekhae is an extremely powerful Kanohi mask, able to twist probability and biology to its ends. It may well be sentient, and on a similar level to the Ignika.



  • The Zutekhae was crafted from the rare material Rhamthodermis, not Kanoka Disks or other conventional Matoran Universe materials.