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This is it... the battle between Challix and Veneferous.

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The Zilon series is about the detailed history of Zilon.

Zilon:Book 1 starts when Veneferous takes over Zilon.


The dark being who overlooked the torture grounds smiled as he saw a Zothak screaming in agony.

Finally, I, the supreme Lord of Poison, will get my revenge on the Zothak. They are so weak.

His servant came into the room.

"My Lord...... there are too many Zothak in the torture grounds. I mean, too little rooms in the chamber."

A little bit of Veneferous' substance floated out of his armor. The servant watched in horror as it approached him. "I suppose you would not dare make more rooms", The Poison Lord said as the servant's bones were ripping out of his skin, blood spurting everywhere," because that would be an awful lot of rooms to make."

The servant collapsed, dead on the floor.

The torture chambers were full of mad laughter for many hours.

Chapter One[]

This chapter was written by BionicleKid

One Toa(this Toa did not know he was a toa) out of the very few on this world was called Challix. He was very courageous, but what he saw made him shudder. Screaming was everywhere. But not the usual screaming of a normal voice, but like a voice that was sick for months and had a ragged, oddly eerie tone. It was the screaming of the tortured Zothak, a race that was now rare on Zilon.

I have to do something.

It was a thought very few people had.


Twilah was in extremely grueling pain. She was one of the Zothak imprisoned by the feared Veneferous. And a bone growth from her wrists were ripping through her muscles and skin. Twilah screamed one of those sickly howls you would hear if you were sick, and then you threw up. Except it wouldn't sound like liquid(this is the most gross description in the story, so keep reading. Don't throw up!). Wait, Twilah thought, I can escape with these claws. She saw she could cut through solid rock as easily as butter.