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Tyrveryx Resistance Team
Turaga of Tyrveryx (fomrerly), Turaga of Ko-Kriva
Noble Pakari

Zetian is a Turaga of ice.



He was a Matoran guard in an unknown village on an unknown island off the northern coast of the north continent, but he was not from Tyrveryx. He and his five friends, Kiajj, Kazakh, Aaryx, Mazryx and Kazyx, became travelling merchants as time passed. One day, on their travels to the Tren Krom Peninsula, they found the body of a Toa of Magnetism in a valley. He was carrying something at the time of his death, it was a small, ordinary, decorated box. But what was inside was far from an everyday sight. Six Toa Stones. Back at the lip of the valley, Kazyx found an unconscious Toa of Iron next to a boulder. After waking him up, he told them to use the Toa Stones, that time was short, and he was carried back to his village by them to explain. He had, it seemed, been ambushed by Makuta Gorast herself and was fatally wounded. Despite the unceasing attention of the Turaga of the village and all the Matoran around, the hero died in the night. He had, according to Zahndrebe, the Turaga of the village, been a true hero and was genuinely mourned. It was then that Zetian showed the Turaga the Toa stones and of their discovery the previous day. Turaga Zahndrebe took them to the Toa Suva of the dead hero. They inserted the Toa stones and became Toa. After choosing their weapons from the Suva, Zetian was elected as the team leader.


As a Toa of Ice, he and his team protected the village, until they were sent to respond a call for help from their predecessors as Turaga of Tyrveryx. They helped defeat the unknown threat and half of the team, Kazakh, Zetian and Kiajj remained behind to protect and guide the Matoran of Tyrveryx as Turaga, while the other Toa headed back to the village to become Turaga there.


In the 3,000 years that followed, Zetian, his fellow Turaga and the Matoran had only to worry about occasional Rahi attack, until a few months ago. Makuta Astoria had became bored on Destral and decided to conquer a few islands to cheer herself up. So, she teleported to the islets around Valmai, but they were uninhabited, so she attacked Tyrveryx with a small army of Mana-Ko, which were trapped inside a cave by the Matoran. Then, Astoria attacked the Matoran villages, destroying them all, only to find the Matoran were already evacuated. Then, however, Astoria freed her Mana Ko, and with their help, destroyed the island.

Zetian, Kiajj, Kazakh and the Matoran left for a new island by boat; the Southern Island of Kavaka Nui, as Zetian had been friends with one of their Turaga long ago. Since then, Zetian has become the Turaga of Ko-Kriva, as the local Turaga was killed in a Rahi attack.