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"I Zesk. No talk. Leave me."
―A Zesk, Glatorian Arena

Zesk are the Agori of Sand present on Spherus Magna.


Early History[]

At some point, the Great Beings took the Agori of the Sand Tribe and began experimenting on them. These experiments created the Zesk, quadrupeds who possessed stinger tails.

During the Core War, the Zesk served the Element Lord of Sand, and acted as gatherers for the Vorox. When the Shattering occurred, many Zesk were stuck on the Bara Magna fragment, though some also ended up on the Bota Magna fragment.

Post Shattering[]

The Zesk population on Bara Magna began regressing into savages with the Vorox. They continued to serve the Vorox in return for protection from Skrall and Bone Hunters. The Zesk on Bota Magna, however, did not become beasts due to more available resources.

Both populations now live on the reformed Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

All Zesk are known to possess enhanced sight and smell, which they use for ambush. Additionally, they have stinger tails and walk on four legs because of the Great Beings' experiments.

The Zesk of Bara Magna have decreased intelligence, and speak a broken form of the Agori language as well as their own. The Zesk of Bota Magna did not have decreased intelligence.

Bara Magna Zesk were known to spit on brings they considered as allies to the Sand Tribe, the odor alerting others to the distinction. When in combat, Zesk use their numbers to their advantage, surrounding their foe.


Half-Zesk are Agori that are on their way to becoming Zesk or Zesk that have, somehow, begun to evolve the features of normal Agori.

Known Zesk[]


  • Drex
  • A number of Zesk that made up Drex's former pack.
  • A number of Zesk in Zecrek's pack.
  • Zesk
  • Keilo
  • Xerd