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Zero Hour
Date Set
90 Years Ago

Zero Hour is the sixth story serial in BobTheDoctor27's Fractures Universe storyline. It also takes place after the Zero Hour: Prequel, which was written to promote the comic and provide context.

This story will be published in the form of a comic and will be BobTheDoctor27's first attempt to creation a graphic novel due to Vorred's success in the field.


Confirmed Characters


Pofia and Lugat



Cult of Darkness

A Le-Matoran Boatswain who will appear in the Epilogue.





  • Zero Hour was entirely influenced by Vorred's Uprising Saga.
  • The official banner was made by Pokermask who, very kindly, volunteered to make it himself. A series of logos and promotional images were later created by SEDTheEditor.
  • Zero Hour was, at one point, in talks for being picked up and animated on the Custom BIONICLE YouTube channel. The project was fairly well into development with numerous voice actors being cast when it was, unfortunately, cancelled due to the departure of SEDTheEditor from the BIONICLE community.
  • During the photography process of Zero Hour, the Toa Jekkai model fell into a stream and was washed down the waterfall which BobTheDoctor27 used as Inika Falls. After fishing the creation out, however, it was decided that Jekkai's fall down the waterfall would become part of the story. This eventually resulted in Jekkai's recollection of tumbling down the waterfall in order to retrieve a Kanohi Mask during his training in the second chapter of Zero Hour, making the filming experience part of the canon storyline.
  • Zero Hour is one of the few stories in the Fractures Story Arc to not include Tollubo, its core character. Exclusively, Zero Hour does not even make reference to the character whilst other stories; famously Perspectives and Falling in the Black, offered cameos or spoken mentions of the character.

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