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"Have you ever tried the experience of having your flesh eaten away?"
"Should I bother answering? Last time I checked, mutated Krana didn't talk.
―A Zyglak and Zercks [src]


Zercks was created alongside with the other Matoran by the Great Beings in order to keep the Mata Nui robot functioning. He originally lived at an island south of Karzahni. However, at some point Rahi overran the island, and the matoran population was evacuated by a team of Toa. That team had just returned from Metru Nui after defeating the Kanohi Dragon for the first time in history, and they looked for an island where Zercks and the other Matoran could live. They eventually arrived in ships at Hua Nui, an island south of Visorak. Zercks helped to construct the districts, and after 200 years, it was completed. Zercks established himself in Onu-Hua, and worked as a miner for Turaga Sathorak. One day, there was an accident in a mine in which Zercks was working. The celling caved in, and rocks killed all his companions, as well as his left arm. After the accident, he lost his right arm as well as all of his memories. That event caused a trauma in Zercks mind, which stayed hidden. Zercks rebuilt himself a mechanical arm, and went back to work. This time, he had to collect items from all over Hua Nui and bring them to the recently built Onu-Hua archives. He spent centuries doing the job, and he even had a storage room at Ko-Hua were he guarded the most valuable items that he had found.

Crystallus' Adventures[]

Some years later, Zercks recieved a strange object that some Onu-Matoran had found while digging. It looked like a lightsone, but it irradiated power. Zercks showed it to Crystallus, and when the Ko-Matoran showed interest on it, he left. He went to an abandoned building at Ko-Hua, and broke the ice layer that protected the object. Upon touching it, he discovered that it was a Toa Stone, and he was transformed. Amazed, he wanted to try his new Toa of Iron powers, and threw a door of the building to the ground. Then he created prosteel knives, and threw them to the broken door. However, behind the door there was a Ta-Matoran, and the knives killed him. Upon that moment, a hidden part of Zercks personality surfaced, and he began to an urge to kill. Zercks then had the idea to hide the corpse in the nearby forest, and went there. When he was digging a hole, the captain of the patrol D of the Ta-Matoran guard saw him, and realized that Zercks had killed the Matoran. Vakihi threw a web at Zercks, who dodged it. Vakihi tried to fight Zercks back by grabbing him by the neck, but Zercks strangled the Ta-Matoran.

Abilities and traits[]

As a Toa of Iron, he can create, control, absorb or manipulate iron, prosteel and several other types of metal.


"He had once heard a tale of an Onu-Matoran hero escaping from Rahkshi through a tunnel that no evil could enter. Of course, that was fiction, there was evil in everyone… just more in some than others."
―Narrator, Crystallus' Adventures