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Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Zan is Zakalonn's mask.


The mask has the power to allow Zakalonn to acquire a specific skill at an accelerated rate. He can learn literally anything quickly, from scientific principles to advanced math to languages to combat styles. Basically, whatever Zakalonn wishes to teach himself or is taught by others, he can learn, and extremely quickly.

This is not photographic reflexes, which only allows a specific feat to be learned, but the Zan allows an actual rapid learning of the fundamentals behind a particular skill. Also, photographic reflexes allows the user to only duplicate things they see, whereas Quick Learning lets the user actually figure out how to counter a particular attack or combat style as well as learn how to do it. Quick Learning also requires longer exposure than photographic reflexes, but still not much.

The Zan is limited in that Zakalonn's proficiency with an acquired skill degrades quickly when he is not using it. However, he can relearn it much faster then he first learned it, and will not become as unskilled as the first time he fell out of practice. With each successive use of the skill, the mask will increase the amount of retained proficiency until Zakalonn is a permanent master of a particular skill. To date, this has not happened, though.


  • Its power is very awesome.