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Zamor Sphere
Various effects
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Zamor Spheres are transparent crystal spheres that can be fired from a Zamor Launcher.


Zamor Spheres are spheres of crystal that are used by many beings. A Zamor Sphere can be filled with gas, liquid or energy, and can have various effects. They were original made by the Nynrah Ghosts, but now are also made by many other beings with many different effects. The spheres are almost always fired from a Zamor Launcher.


The effect of a Zamor Sphere depends on the substance inside it. In the most cases, the spheres are launched from a Zamor Launcher. When a Zamor strikes its target, the crystal releases its contents on the victim. At that point, the victim is at the mercy of whatever was contained in the Zamor.

Known Zamor Spheres[]

There are many different Zamor Spheres with various effects. In the most cases, each user has his own Zamor Spheres with his own effect. Only mebers from some organisations and teams can have the same Spheres with the same effect, such as the Piraka. Some different Zamor Spheres are listed below with its user(s):

Zamor Sphere User(s) Power
Energy Sphere Kardakas Blinding a Target, other effects
Absorption sphere Tockar, Hakann, Boltneck Absorption; absorb oppenent's powers
Energized Sphere Toa Inika Contains Energized Protodermis, destroy Antidermis
Antidermis Sphere Piraka Contains Antidermis, enslave targets
Freezing Sphere Jaller Freezes target in stasis
Heat Sphere Nanzon Burns target