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Toa Larhii
Larhii Nui

"Well, we can mark Bone hunters off the 'Sights in Larhii Nui' list"

-Zalith to his team after defeating the Bone hunters

Zalith was a Toa of Magnetism on Larhii Nui


Not much is known about when he was a Matoran. One day a Toa Stone was given to him by an Unknown Hooded Toa. When he met up with his friends Rozat, Tizar, and Ornoat, they all transformed into toa.


He transformed into a Toa of Magnatism, Rozat into a Toa of Plasma, Tizar into a Toa of Plantlife, and Ornoat into a Toa of water.

At one point Bone Hunters tried to cross the Bridge of Lar but were stopped by Zalith and his team.

When Larhii Nui's original protectors, the Fretis, turned evil, Zalith along with his team, forced them out of Larhii Nui.

Magnetic Transformation[]

When Zalith was inside a box full of metal that the Fretis trapped him in, Zalith used his Magnetic power to draw pieces to him. When they hit him, they fused to his body. He was then strong enough to break the chains around his legs an get free of the box. His chestplate, sword, and strength were updated.

Armor Upgrade[]

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Before he entered Immortal's lair, the Great Beings granted him a special armor that could withstand Immortal's attacks up to a certain point of power. It made pieces of protodermis grow from the claws on his arms that somehow flipped upsidown. It also caused him to grow and more protodermis grew from the backs of his legs. It also incinerated the chains around his ankles.


Intelligent,but gets angry if he doesn't get 110 percent out of himself. Won't do somthing stupid to regen his personal pride.

Powars and Abilities[]

As a Toa of Magnatism, Zalith could increase or decrease magnatism, matipulate metal through magnetism as well as other things.

Mask and Tools[]

Wore the Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy, which allowed him to hit almost any target with an innanimate projectile.

Also wielded two Magnet Blades, which could channel his element, and be used for malee combat, prior to the transformation, and a Longsword post transformation which could be used for malee combat only. His Longsword could not focus his energy, for he had already perfected using magnetism without a weapon at the time of his magnetic transformation. With his armor upgrade he obtained a different sword but kept his longsword. His new Longsword could channel his element, and be used in malee combat.

Set Information[]

  • Zalith has a total of 3 forms all of wich were released at different times in my alternate 2010 as canister sets.
  • Zalith's first form contains 46 pieces, and has the average Inika level articulation.
  • Zalith's second form contains 63 pieces, and again has the average inika level articulation.
  • His third form contains 67 pieces, and has all 13 Inika articulation points with an added eight from his fingers.


  • Zalith is Mdw322's MOC-equivalent
  • Zalith's personality is just like Mdw322's
  • Zalith was originally going to be a Glatorian


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