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"Would you help you enemies to save the universe?"
―Tahu to Zaktuen, Bionicle The Zaktuen War:Universe Blow [src]

Zaktuen was a very powerful Makuta who had a hatred of the Toa and focus on war and power.


Good Life[]

Zaktuen was a man in his village and had no idea that he was a makuta. One day he goes on mission for his people, a mission for water. But a explosion happens and he gets almost destroyed.


After almost dying, Zaktuen is found by Teridax. Teridax tells that the toa tried to kill him because they thought he was goingkill them. Zaktuen get a new body and new weapons, the swords of Brutaka.


Zaktuen's life long friend toa Lewa fought him and nearly kill Lewa. But sadly when the rest of the Toa saw what happen to Lewa, they got almost every toa to stop Zaktuen. What the Toa didn't was Zaktuen had the mask of life, but Zaktuen nearly died when the universe almost fell apart.


Zaktuen and Lewa duel

A New Look[]

Makuta Zaktuen was transformed ,after the mask of life thing he had wings and was stronger than ever. He even made an army of shadow toa and was ruler of all of Mata Nui for a short time.

Known Allies[]

Zaktuen has many allies and assassins to rule. One the most famous is the shadow toa who help him take over all Mata Nui during the Makuta-Toa war. He even has the Glatorians as his assassins, they help him when he hold a an intire Av Matoran village hostage.


Tuma one of Zaktuen's assassins

Universe Blow[]

The second use of the mask of life failed and released terror on the universe. Every thing almost dissolved in to the other universe. Zaktuen help the Toa to stop it. But Zaktuen failed and dissolved in to the other universe.When the toa stop the universe from dissolving, Zaktuen was brought back to life by Teridax.


After his rebirth, Zaktuen sought out to become one of the most powerful Makuta. Using the New Ignika he summon a great winged beast and beheaded it for greater power. After consuming a portion of the beast's soul he started to change in to his true self. Zaktuen grew wings and had became a great general after his battle plans prevailed. He called him self a true Makuta, a Makuta that can fly by wings growing from his back.


Illidan is Nothing!!



Ceasame is great ally in The Organization of Darkness.


Teridax is Zaktuen greatest ally ever known. Her nevers at all call him Teridax, only "Master" because he was the one that turn in to a Makuta.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]

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  • Zaktuen's story was inspired by General Grievous
  • True Zaktuen resembles the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade villain, Illidan