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Brotherhood of Makuta
Kraata powers
Taiku (formerly), Mask of Vulture
Cordak Blaster, Tridax Pod
Spherus Magna

Zakkond was the Makuta of Takiw Nui and former member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Zakkond, like his fellow Makuta, initially engaged in the creation of Rahi creatures. However, his skills in this area were subpar, leading to ridicule from his brethren. Seeking solace from his frustrations, Zakkond turned to other pursuits and discovered a talent for mask-making. Recognizing his proficiency, Miserix appointed him as the official mask crafter for the Brotherhood, resulting in the development of mask powers that would be regarded as morally questionable by the wider universe in the future.

When Miserix assigned Makuta as protectors throughout the Matoran Universe, Zakkond found himself without a designated domain, fostering feelings of envy. In secret, he crafted four unique masks, intending to bestow them as gifts upon influential individuals in the hopes of winning their favor. Among the recipients was Vavakx, an Alpha Being and leader of Takiw Nui, renowned for his passion for antiques. Impressed by Zakkond's gift, Vavakx appointed him as the protector of his realm.

Years later, during a gathering in Destral with the other Makuta, Zakkond aligned himself with Teridax's plan to usurp Mata Nui. This decision was discovered by Vavakx, leading to the revocation of Zakkond's protector title and his permanent expulsion from Takiw Nui. This event ultimately triggered the Takiw Nui War.

As with other Makuta, Zakkond underwent a transformation, shedding the need for a physical body and becoming Antidermis encased within his armor.

Following Teridax's demise, Zakkond migrated to Spherus Magna along with the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. Aware that his past actions would not be welcomed, he opted for a reclusive life in a forest cave, seeking solitude.

The Invasion[]


Zakkond, during the events of The Invasion.

During the period known as The Invasion, Zakkond's seclusion was interrupted when his cave was invaded by Deriahk, Frustrator, and Vilrohk. They sought information about a Glatorian named Ganiaz, and Zakkond provided them with the knowledge they sought before requesting to be left alone.

Some time later, Frustrator returned to the cave and revealed himself to be Makuta Pakark, a traitor to the Brotherhood. This revelation led to a fierce battle between Zakkond and Pakark. However, their confrontation was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Vezon, a Skakdi who transported Zakkond and Pakark to an alternate dimension through a dimensional portal.

Stranded in this alternate reality, Zakkond and Pakark encountered an alternate Makuta Bedurox, who explained that the Alpha Beings ruled as tyrants in his universe. Bedurox, part of a resistance movement, introduced them to Tahkod, the leader of the resistance. In exchange for their assistance, Pakark and Zakkond agreed to aid the resistance in their fight against the oppressive regime. Their actions culminated in an attack on the Alpha Beings during a meeting, orchestrated by Tahkod, resulting in the death of Mersny and the rise of Tahkod as the new leader.

However, before Tahkod could solidify his rule, an alternate Vavakx appeared, delivering an inspiring speech that swayed his brethren to reject their dictatorship. Accepting Vavakx as their new leader, the Alpha Beings embraced a change in leadership, resulting in Tahkod's demise. Grateful for the assistance, Vavakx opened a dimensional portal, allowing Zakkond and Pakark to return to their own universe.

Upon returning, Zakkond actively participated in the later stages of The Invasion, lending his support in the battle against the Chorak. His armor and mask sustained considerable damage during the conflict, prompting Zakkond to modify himself and acquire a new mask.

Over time, Zakkond managed to gain a degree of tolerance from Spherus Magna's unified society, with the Spherus Magna Council offering him protection due to his contributions during The Invasion.


In the subsequent events of Defunction, Zakkond was summoned by Veuy, an Alpha Being, to guide him into his cave in search of the Chain of the Spirit, one of the Entropy Relics.

Their journey was interrupted by an assault from a being named Boparok, who sought to claim the relic for himself. During the ensuing conflict, Pakark made an unexpected appearance, incapacitating everyone and making off with the relics.

Subsequently, Zakkond transported the group back to Metru Magna to confront Pakark, witnessing his eventual defeat.

Abilities and Traits[]

Zakkond is commonly regarded as a displeasing individual, even among his own kind. His interactions with others often exhibit unfair treatment and a sense of resentment towards those he despises.

However, beneath his outward demeanor, Zakkond is an emotionally tormented Makuta whose true nature is not as inherently evil as it may appear. Insecurity and an ardent desire to prove his worth to others serve as his primary vulnerabilities.

Like all Makuta, Zakkond endowed with a wide array of special abilities, including mastery over Shadow and the power of shape-shifting. He also possesses the unique capability to generate Kraata, the progenitors of Rahkshi.

Mask and Tools[]

Initially, Zakkond wore the Kanohi Taiku, Mask of Poison, but later exchanged it for a Great Mask of Vulture. Additionally, he owns one of the four distinctive Masks of Vows, although he does not actively use it.

Equipped with a Cordak Blaster and a formidable claw designed to channel his powers, Zakkond wields these tools alongside a Tridax Pod to further enhance his capabilities.