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Formed by Zalko, Lahka, Vahkon
Powers Strength, Agility
Kanohi Zan
Tools Tri-Staff
Status Not currently formed
Location Unknown
Pronunciation ZACK-ah-lahn

Zakalonn is a Kaita made form the fusion of Zalko, Lahka, and Vahkon.


Zakalonn must have been formed at some point prior to its three component beings joining the Avenging Alliance, but exactly when and how is unknown.

Zakalonn was formed to fight off a Kikinalo that was threatening the alliance. He defeated it with relative ease.


Zakalonn being formed

Powers and Equipment[]

The Kaita has the combined size and strength of Zalko, Lahka, and Vahkon, as well as great agility.


It wears the Kanohi Zan, the Mask of Quick Learning This is unusual since its component beings do not wear masks.


Its staff has the combined powers of the Three Fuzors' weapons.

Personality and Traits[]

Not much is known of its personality, but its personality would be a fusion of its three component beings, about whose personalities little is also known.


  • Zakalonn was originally meant to look like the Visorak Colony Drones, since its components beings were based off the Rahaga initially. It was much bigger and more awesome, though, particularly in the enhanced legs and better, if fixed, waist.
  • It is not built of the same parts used in the fusors, under the logic that, when a fusion is formed, it will be smaller component parts in the real characters that combine and lock together to form the Katia, not Lego part-sized pieces. Same goes for Altron.
  • It is one of two fusions in the Altronia Continuity, and the first made up.