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Zahvak A Male Zahhak
Power(s) Unknown
Location(s) Zanneus, Jadax Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Zah-HACK

The Zahhak are a sapient race originating from the hostile swamp planet of Zanneus.

A notable Zahhak is The Jailer who is currently on Jadax Magna.


The males have a large frame with a reptillian look to them with thicker, natural plates of flesh acting as armour. The females are considerable smaller, nearly half their size, and the flesh plates are of a reduced amount.

Head crest

A Zahhak sporting its crest

Their skeletal system is lacking bones,and instead has a series of vessels contain liquids constantly moving at high pressure. This acts as a hydraulic form of movement, also removing the need for a muscular system. This means their bodies are extremely durable, able to take blows several times their weight, so long as their skin isn't pierced. However their thick skin, consisting of layer upon layer of overlapping scales, is incredibly hard to crack. The face, however, is lacking a skin, leaving it as bare flesh for reasons unknown. For this reason most Zahhak, wear helmets to procect their faces.

The Male Zahhak also sport a crest, located at the rear of the head. These are used in mating displays to attract a mate. These crests are able to be manipulated by the Zahhak, and can act as an appendage. Females do not bear a crest.


  • This is a old model, dating back even further than the latest form of Ganon but has only been used recently
  • The name Zahhak is shared with a figure from Zoroastrian mythology who, in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh, grows a serpent on either shoulder.
  • Matoran would classify them as rahi, even though they are not.