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"I seem to be one of the very few Toa to be smart enough to know guns are much better than the crude weapons we use"
―Zacax, Gunsmith

Zacax is a young Toa of Fire, and is known for his inventions and his usage of of his Zamor Shotgun. He is also known as the "Gunsmith".



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Zacax now lives in a Glatorian settlement, with a few other Toa being there as well. He lives in a shop with Prototpye, an invention of his. 


Zacax has used many different weapons but these are his main Tools (Ordered by Apperance):

  • Beta Shotgun (Replaced by Zamor Shotgun)
  • Meta Slayer
  • Zamor Shotgun (Replaced by Proto-Scatter)
  • Proto-Scatter
  • The GunBlade
  • Duel Fire-Ele Magnums
  • Fire Cutlass (Toa Tool, Currently Lost)
  • Ratchet
  • The Life Fire (Temporarly)


A list of Zacax's known inventions:

Toa Zacax

Sirrex4321's version

  • Beta Shotgun
  • Meta Slayer
  • The Zamor Shotgun
  • The Proto-Scatter
  • The GunBlade
  • Fire-Ele Magnums
  • Magma Blaster
  • The guns used by his team
  • His special custom armor
  • Protype (BIONICLE: Rebellion)

Abilities and Traits:[]

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"I seem to be one of the few Toa to be smart enough to realize that guns are much better than the crude weapons we use,"

"Alright I admit, I may not be smart as the next guy, but I'm smart enough to forge a gun...which pretty much makes me smarter than the next guy,"


  • Zacax is just the creator's name, with an extra a and then x added.
  • Zacax's personality is based off of the creator
  • Zacax was given the design to be a combination of Deadpool and a Spartan from the HALO franchise.
  • Zacax is the 2nd main moc, but became the first quickly after the creator took apart Jayko
  • Most of Zacax's armor is based off of MLJONIR Mk. IV and Mk. VI armor
  • His main gun, the Proto-Scatter, was chosen for the creator's love of the shotgun in the HALO franchise
  • Zacax treats Tahukama like a father
  • His GunBlade was inspired by the combination of Deadpool's mixture of pistols and katanas, and Biorockdude's Detox's gunblades.
  • Zacax is the only moc of the creator to have made the most changes
  • Zacax was once spelled Zakaz but was switched to Zacax due to Zakaz being an island.


These are the many apperences the character is or well be making an appearence.

  • The Gunsmith
  • The Grakk Chronicles (Season 2)
  • BIONICLE: Rebellion
  • Baterra Magna (As Zac)