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Toa of Plasma
Order of Mata Nui
Elemental Plasma powers
Great Arthron

Yunak is a member of the Order of Mata Nui, participating in the war with the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Great Cataclysm War.


1000 years before the Great Cataclysm War, Yunak was created by Mata Nui as a Su-Matoran. He did maintenance on the Great Spirit Robot. As a Su-Matoran he used his limited elemental powers to monitor the fuel and rockets inside the Great Spirit Robot.

Yunak was transformed into a Toa by the will of Mata Nui, after the Great Being sensed a great evil. He was recruited in secret to the Order of Mata Nui by Artakha, along with Jovan and Helryx.

War against Abaddon[]

When Abaddon infiltrated the Core Processor, Yunak teamed up with the Toa Neirae to fight back his forces. Yunak's involvement with the Order of Mata Nui was exposed when the Order of Mata Nui imprisoned Abaddon.

Betrayal by the Brotherhood[]

Yunak was defeated when the Brotherhood of Makuta took over the Great Spirit Robot. He went into hiding.

Great Cataclysm War[]

Yunak reunited with Helryx and joined her in the reformed Order of Mata Nui to defeat the Brotherhood of Makuta with the help of the Toa Neirae.

After the War[]

After the War, Yunak was part of an expedition into the Lost Continents to track down a Bounty Hunter. The team was ambushed by an army of Skakdi, battling against two Makuta. Yunak joined the group back to Kehidupan.

Yunak defended Kehidupan when the Infernal Legion attacked, sending three members to ravage the city. He fought against Antroz with Helryx, eventually overpowering the Makuta when reinforcements arrived.

Return of Abaddon[]

When Helryx rallies the Order of Mata Nui to enter the Core Processor room to attack the Infernal Legion, Yunak reassures Eclipse that they will be victorious. He panics when Abaddon kills devolves and kills an illusion of Helryx, kicked into a wall by the Varim. He is later defeated by the tyrant.

Yunak accompanied Mata Nui, Helryx and others to the Lost Continents after their defeat by Abaddon. He suggested Eclipse to lead the Order of Mata Nui in Helryx's absence after he declined the offer from the Toa of Water.

The Aftermath[]

At some point after the Matoran Universe migrated to Spherus Magna and integrated with the Agori, Yunak supported Tomoe when he told a tale about the "Nightwatcher" around a campfire.

Personality and traits[]

Yunak is positive and carefree. He jokes most of the time, even in serious situations. Yunak is follows instructions from the Order of Mata Nui, taking pride in his position and status as a Toa.

He always smiles, wanting to be a positive influence on those around him. Since the fear of the Infernal Legion has affected the population of Kehidupan, Yunak attempts to keep morale at a high, playing practical jokes on some of the Matoran in his free time.

Powers and equipment[]

Being a Toa of Plasma, Yunak can create and control the element of Plasma. He rarely uses his elemental power, only using it in dire situations. Yunak believes he does not need an elemental power to become victorious in battle.

Yunak carries two modified blades: the Rotating Blades and the Electric Blades. Yunak's Electric Blades can generate electricity. He wears the Kanohi Arthron, the Mask of Sonar. He uses his mask power to detect hidden opponents, as well as to fight in minimal light. Yunak relies on his ability to feel the heat of his foes as well as their movement using his Arthron.