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"Told you I'd make it," said Xoxar. "Let the Game's begin."
―Xoxar to Ruo in the Coliseum
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Xoco was a male Ga-Matoran who lived in Metru Nui for 50,000 years as a Matoran. After all of his friends became Toa he was alone for a long time. He decided to create Toa armor because Xoco believed his time has passed from living as a Matoran. Yet he wants to stay as a Matoran to build armor, weapons, and learn to make mask from the Ta-Matoran because he knows that Toa are fighters and not builders. He must maintain a secret identy for himself because he knows that Dark Hunters would want to kill him when he is off guard in his Matoran form. As a Matoran he is Xoco. As a Toa, he is Xoxar. It is possible that Xoco knew Nidhiki, Lhikan, and Tuyet before they became Toa. Eventually he joined their team and fought many battles such as the great fight with the Kanohi Dragon.

It wasn't too long till a Le-Matoran named Ruo found out Xoco's identity. Ruo made a deal to Xoco that he wouldnt tell any one if Xoco built him armor for himself. With no choice but to do so, Ruo became a second Matoran in armor and went by the name of Milik as his Toa code name.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a matoran Xoco doesn't have any power. As Xoxar, Xoco has number of abilities, including:


Xoco in Matoran form

 •Laser blast from his hands.
 •Small burst of water.
 •Flight boots.
 •Energy shield. (Mixture of the Konoka disk that create the Konohi Hau .)
 •Water Breathing.

Tools and Mask[]

He is known for wielding a Plasma Sword and bearing a Kanohi Ruru.


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