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Xian Combat Gauntlets
Skorr21 Skorr with his right gauntlet
Creating energy shields, firing darts, creating sonic fields
In Use
Spherus Magna

The Xian Combat Gauntlets are multipurpose armored gloves created by the Vortixx specifically for the Zeverek bounty hunter Skorr.


Not long after becoming a freelance bounty hunter, the Zeverek known as Skorr began purchasing as much weaponry and gadgetry as he could afford. Whilst visiting Xia, Skorr was impressed when he watched a demonstration of a Vortixx weapon known as the Griffin Gauntlet. Deciding he would need a similar device, Skorr hired a group of Vortixx weapons specialists to design him a set of unique wrist gauntlets based on his specifications and requirements.

After much trial and error, the specialists managed to develop a prototype, called the energy shield gauntlets, which they then presented to Skorr. Though pleased, Skorr requested additional functions and capabilities be added to the gauntlets. The team worked relentlessly to meet Skorr's demands, and after two months of work, managed to add on three additional new functions as well as improve the original prototype.

After testing and finalizing their modifications, Skorr purchased the gauntlets and continues to use them in his assignments. Though they were only intended for Skorr, the Vortixx soon saw potential in the gauntlets, and so began developing more basic variations of the device with less capabilities and adding them to their broad range of weaponry.


Though originally intended to only bear one function, Skorr's Xian Combat Gauntlets have since developed multiple purposes. The model on his right arm is capable of producing a protective energy shield. This same gauntlet is also outfitted with a grappling hook, which can fire a flexible, metallic coil capable of entangling and immobilizing a target. The hook can also be appropriated to serve as a dart launcher.

His other gauntlet (mounted on his left arm) has an inbuilt sonic device, with it's primary function function being to emit a sonic wave to stun opponents. However, the gadget's sonic projector can be amplified, and the beam can be focused and strengthened to create a burst strong enough to blast someone back. Though useful, there is a major drawback to the weapon. Since latter function uses up most of the device's energy, the gauntlet will take a fair amount of time to finally recharge after being used at full power.

Example Usage[]

Skorr used his Xian Combat Gauntlet to produce an energy shield to defend himself from a barrage of fire in Journeys of Darkness.