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Bone Hunter
Skrall Tribal Design Blade, Thornax Launcher

Xepta is a female Bone Hunter, Zaz's second-in-command, and a member of the Gatherers.


After the Shattering occurred, Xepta and the other Bone Hunters were not included in the social system of Bara Magna, and began living in the wastelands, stealing and robbing from others in order to make a living.

At some point in the past, Zaz and a number of other Bone Hunters left the main tribe in order to set out on their own, Xepta being among them. She eventually became Zaz's second-in-command.

Roughly a year ago, Xepta and the others of her group were hired by a rogue Skrall named Skirvex, who tasked the Bone Hunters with capturing Glatorian and Skrall for an army. Whilst returning from a hunt, Xepta and her allies came across the exiled Skrall Kelx, whom they captured and took before Skirvex.

Their most recent hunt sent Xepta, Zaz, Grespok, two Skrall warriors, the Agori bandit Sceptiez, along with Kelx, the party's leader, to capture the mutant Skrall Verex. The group managed to surround the warrior, allowing Kelx to force Verex to surrender.

After delivering Verex and his companions to Skirvex's fortress, Xepta, Zaz, Grespok, Sceptiez, and several other enslaved Skrall made their was to the outskirts of a large jungle oasis where they met with Jarzek and Drakzu. After discussing tactics, Xepta and the others split up with the intention of driving the Glatorian within the oasis towards the center.

Their ambush was successful, and Xepta and his allies managed to take the Sanctuary's inhabitants by surprise. During the battle, Xepta, mounted atop her Rock Steed, rammed into Xeptek before he could finish off Jarzek, and proceeded to engage him in combat. however, Ignika Nui and his allies arrived in the Sanctuary, ultimately siding with Lotawn and his allies.

As the battle proceeded, Xepta attempted to attack Glatorian Nepzek atop his Destral Cycle, though before she could do so, Jarzek ordered a retreat, a request that Xepta obeyed. During the retreat, Xepta and a majority of his allies were caught massive tornado created by Toa Skydrax. Eventually, Xepta and the others were released from the tornado's grip, and were captured.

Fortunately, Xepta and her comrades were teleported away by Skirvex in order to prevent them from sharing secrets.

Abilities & Traits[]

A keen strategist and excellent tracker, Xepta is a confident warrior who is capable of observing even the most miniscule of details. A quick study, she is able to determine an opponent's battle tactics quickly and use it to her full advantage. Though not incredibly strong, Xepta is extremely quick, agile, and stealthy, and is a master of the blade

As with all Bone Hunters, Xepta possesses a special third eyelid that helps protect her eyes from the intense sun.


Xepta wields a Skrall Tribal Design Blade along with a Thornax Launcher.