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Xea Nui was an large island laying in the Endless Ocean on Aqua Magna.

Known Inhabitants[]

Xea Nui was inhabited by the Tanrah and the Mahah, and later the Viranah and the Hacah.


Before the Shattering, Xea Nui was an island in the sea on Spherus Magna. It was used by the Great Beings to experiment with creating a new form of biomechanical life, to inhabit the giant robot they were building, althought they never used their creations. The Tanrah are build on Xea Nui, but were only an prototype form of Matoran.


In the middle of the island grew an enormous tree, called Xea. Without Xea, the island will sink into the ocean. Xea Nui was surrounded by smaller islands. The known islands are:

  • Baban
  • Maban
  • Raban
  • Caban
  • Haban
  • Yaban