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Xarox is a Toa of Shadow. His element before becoming a Matoran of Shadow is unknown.


Nothing is known about Xarox's life prior to becoming a Matoran of Shadow.

Shadow Matoran[]

At some point Xarox became a Matoran of Shadow and served the Brotherhood of Makuta.

While serving the Brotherhood, he was sent to Karda Nui with an unknown Makuta who had an Olmak, although it was not the Makuta's main Kanohi. Before the Energy Storms began, Xarox fled from Karda Nui stealing the Makuta's Olmak and an unknown flying vehicle used by a Toa fighting the Makuta. because he abandoned the Makuta, the Brotherhood has labeled Xarox a traitor.

Sometime later, Xarox became a Toa of Shadow.


Not long after becoming a Toa, Xarox, now able to use Kanohi, escaped the dimension using the Kanohi Olmak. This was most likely out of fear of Teridax because he was labeled a traitor.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Toa of Shadow, Xarox can create, control, and absorb Shadow. He can also create weapons and sheilds from shadow. Xarox gained wings as a Toa of Shadow, which he still has, although fit for his new size as a Toa.

Masks and Tools[]

As a Matoran, Xarox carried two swords. These may have transformed with Xarox when he became a Toa. Xarox now pilots an unnamed flying vehicle, which he is currently flying between dimensions. Upon becoming a Toa, Xarox's mask became a Great Shelek. While he still has this, Xarox only uses it as a secondary mask. Xarox's main mask is the Olmak he stole from the Brotherhood.


Xarox was inspired by User:Toa Hydros's moc, Xakon, and the idea of Xakon becoming a Toa after the events of The Hydros Chronicles