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Biographical information
New Brotherhood of Makuta
Nightmare (element)
Elemental powers,all kraata powers,kanohi powers
Kanohi Kreenak,Mask of Nightmares
Great Staff of Lost hopes
In the Matoran Universe

Xaridax is the new leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Xaridax was built by Teridax to take his place if he will die.For about 250.000 years,he rested in the Great Spirit Robot,waiting to awake and take control of the Matoran universe.

Now,awake from his long sleep,Xaridax used Darkness Essence to take control of the Toa and Glatorian to dominate the Universe.

Phisical description:[]

Xaridax is huge,strong and very agile.His body is composed by metallic tissues energized by Antidermis and ionic gas that flows in cables.His armor is exclusively composed by Protosteel.


Xaridax possesses many powers,but he has a unique power:the Lost hope.This power can allows to him to destroy,slowly,the hope in a person.

Also,like Teridax,he can generates Kraata bugs but he can transform them into more powerful servants.Xaridax can also infect a mask only using mind control at small distance.

Sons of Xaridax[]

Xaridax created a new kind of rahkshi:the Rahkshi-Kal.This Rahkshi are more clever and stronger than others,and they also possesses the krana powers.There are 5 Rahkshi-Kal:






List of Powers[]

  • Lost Hope - Allows to slowly destroy hope in others.
  • Darkness Essence - Used by Xaridax to infect the Toa and use them as servants.
  • Kraata Mutation - Can transform Kraata into more powerful creatures.
  • Forced Persuasion - Can infect a mask at small distance with mind control.
  • All Kanohi and Elemental Powers
  • All Rahkshi Powers

Experiments and Rahi[]

  • Muraakta - a big Rahi created to protect the servants.
  • Shadow Raak - a flying Rahi used to spy enemies.It seems like Niwak.
  • Ionic Implant - Built by various infected matoran to have an energy supply.
Brotherhood of Xaridax (v

Leaders: Xaridax  • Rootaka

Sons of Xaridax: Xorahk-Kal  • Tuunahk-Kal  • Sonahk-Kal  • Norahk-Kal

Members: Greshus  • Skrall Titan

Servants: Sarnaki  • Shadow Raak  • Muraakta