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Energy flames, tremendous strength and durability
Chaos Sythe, unidentified blaster, claws
Northern Continent

Xalnohk is a being originally created by Morkain.



At some point prior to Mata Nui's arrival on Bara Magna, the being known as Morkain began creating Xalnohk, though his reasons for doing so remain unclear. Using technology and resources similar to the ones utilized by the Hand of Artakha and Brotherhood of Makuta during Rahi creation, Morkain brought many "prototypes" into being, though these first several attempts typically produced failures and unsatisfying specimens.

After many trials and errors, however, Morkain eventually succeeded in stablizing one of his specimens, and named his creation "Xalnohk", deriving the name from a Matoran word meaning "Soldier of Chaos". Afterward, Morkain sealed Xalnohk within a stasis tank, and hid the tank away beneath a mountain on the Northern Continent, intending to return for it when the time was right.


Recently, due to increasingly frequent seismic activity on the Northern Continent, Xalnohk's stasis tank was damaged, causing him to awaken from his suspended animation. Blasting his way out of the tank, Xalnohk used his first moments of life to test his powers and arm himself with weapons he somehow managed to create out of nothing. Shortly afterward, Xalnohk left the chamber and disappeared.

He later reappeared elswehere on the continent, via teleportation, where he took a moment to rest, and reflected on his lack of knowledge of his life's purpose. He was soon confronted by a mysterious voice that told him to protect something, though exactly what he was meant to protect eludded Xalnohk. Before the creature could investigate further, however, he was drawn to a nearby spot where a Toa named Zevrai and a Matoran known as Xakon were being menaced by a Kuma-Nui. After watching them struggle for a few moments, Xalnohk placed himself between the Toa and the Rahi, preparing for battle.

Abilities and Traits[]

Little is known about Xalnohk's character other than he has little knowledge about himself. This apparently troubles him a great deal, as he has little to no idea of what he should do with the great power at his command.

The extent of Xalnohk's powers and abilities are unknown, though he has displayed the ability to create and control a blue, flame-like energy. He is also known to possess enormous physical strength and endurance.


Xalnohk's current tool are his Chaos Sythe, and a blaster-like weapon whose function is unknown. He also possesses strong, metallic claws.