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Absorbed into the Kanohi Tilira
Kaukau (Formerly)

Xafri was a female Paladrova resident to Balfe Nui and member of Calesse's Team in the Remains Alternate Universe.


Early life

Xafri was an Av-Matoran residing near the City of Rhagard. When Nuva was reawakened, Xafri was killed in an experiment by Lanudos and turned into a Bohrok. After being reforged into a Toa-like shape and becoming one of his Paladrova, she was recruited into the ranks of the resistance against the Makuta by Calesse.
She adapted old bits of scrapped armor and Bohrok parts and made those her own, taking on the style of the resistance group.
She was later send to the Farside Village in order to warn the residing Council of the threat of Lanudos.


She welcomed the survivors of the Farside Village at her camp after the attack of the Forgotten Warriors. The next day, she explained a faked story to Theran and Range, before telling them about Nuva's location, and the Kanohi that could defeat him.

When the Council members left her camp to take back their village, Xafri stayed behind to defend the Matoran. Eventually, she did leave and arrived at the village, where she easily defeated two of the guarding Forgotten Warriors. She met with Hakefor and asked him to give her the mask he had found under the village.
When Nuva's Protosteel Construct came in view of the village, Xafri asked the others to leave, telling them her time had come. She activated the power of the mask, even if Dorvan and Guxad had entered the village, telling the Toa and the Matoran of their imminent fate.
Her corporal form and life force were absorbed together with those of the two beings too close to her and unleashed upon the area. The Protosteel Construct was destroyed and those injured by it were restored.


With Calesse's death and the subsequent fall of her allies, the cause her rebel group fought for was ultimately forgotten, and any clue to Xafri's identity was lost. Few still remember the strangely-armored heroine that once saved the village, but her heroic sacrifice is eternalized within the stone tablets of the rebuild Farside Village's history archive.

Abilities and Traits

Similarly to all other Av-Matoran, Xafri possessed a small degree of control over elemental Light, though she could not access Elemental Powers or utilize a Great Kanohi.
Upon being rebuild into a Paladrova, she lost her elemental connection.

Mask and Tools

Xafri wielded a scythe crudely put together by discarded blade parts. Additionally, she adapted parts of old Bohrok armor to reinforce her own, including using one's faceplate as a helmet.


  • Xafri is a character originally build by Garrzo, who had her play a central role in his story Traitor.


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