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Headquarters/Base Destral
Leader(s) Unknown
Status Serving the Brotherhood of Makuta
Goal None currently; Make the Brotherhood of Makuta stay happy
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta
Enemies KBO; Toa; Order of Mata Nui

The X-Phantoms are a gang that serve the Brotherhood of Makuta. They also have constant battles with Xvla.


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Abilities and Tools[]

All members' minds are trained to be able to use Kanohi. All members use a Kanohi that have the power of Phantomility. They all are also trained to be stealthy just in case they're not wearing their Kanohi. X-Phantoms also carry Stealth Guns, which is a silent gun that has a laser to improve accuracy. Individual members also have their own powers.

Before the creation of the Surak, the X-Phantoms used electronic devices, called X-Packs that allowed them the powers of Phantomility, although the devices sometimes got over-heated, and the X-Phantoms had to wait for the X-Packs to cool down. Another disadvantage of the X-Packs were that you could only use one power at a time.


The X-Phantoms also have their own vehicles that are created by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Below is a list of known vehicles.

  • White Knight-a motorcycle that has the powers of Phantomility and limiter-flight; it also has missles and cannons
  • Shadow-a massively huge air-vehicle that has the power of Invisiblity; it has force fields and huge cannons/missles

Known X-Phantoms[]


  • Revlox
  • Teridax


  • Tera (captain)

Rouge Members[]

  • Volk