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Wraith is an Atrax Wraith and a member of the Dark Hunters.


Wraith was created by the Great Beings as part of the Atrax Wraith failsafe mechanism. The wraiths were intended to wipe out any lifeform they came across after they awakened, in case something went wrong in the Great Spirit Mata Nui's program and refused to be shut down.

Wraith and the other Atrax Wraiths were unintentionally awakened by Makuta Teridax while acticating the signal used to activate the Bohrok. The wraiths then came to the surface of Mata Nui, and after a few hours, migrated into the Matoran Universe to kill the inhabitants.

The wraiths then split apart to cover more ground, and the majority of them started to take refuge on one of the Southern Islands.

Wraith then travelled to Nynrah, where he began feeding on the Matoran there. The Nynrah Ghosts were aware of his presence, however, and captured him and placed him in a cage specifically designed to hold his species.

The cage was sold to the Brotherhood of Makuta, who then passed it on to the Dark Hunters. During an arguement between the Dark Hunters Relic and Outlaw, the cage was opened, and Wraith proceeded to kill Outlaw. After killing the Dark Hunter, he turned his attention to Relic, but before he could do anything, The Shadowed One entered and offered the Atrax Wraith a position in the Dark Hunters, and he accepted, gaining his name in the process.

Wraith was assigned the jobs considered 'too risky' by The Shadowed One. During one of these missions, he was to infiltrate an island fortress undetected, steal a valueble power supply, and get out undetected. Wraith completed this assignment with ease.

After Teridax's death and the destruction of the Matoran Universe, Wraith and the other Dark Hunters migrated to Spherus Magna.

Abilities & Traits[]

As a member of the Atrax Wraith species, Wraith posseses all of their powers.

Like the other wraithes, he has developed somewhat of a personality. He kills without hesitation, and completes stealhy assignments with ease. Despite having these traits, Wraith, like all of his brethren, has no gender, though he classifies himself as male.