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World of Chaos
Ultimus Magna
Date Set

World of Chaos is the first story in the Ultimus Universe storyline.



Boom! An explosion went off in the distance near a jungle tribe Glatorian. The explosion wasn't close enough to harm him, but close in enough to make him run back to camp to find shelter. He searched till he found a good spot, and hid. He was safe, for now.

"Gresh! Get on your feet, we are in a war, and we don't need baby sand stalkers like you, that scurries around every time a thornax goes off. Now get out there!" The speaker was a tall, glatorian commander, Vastus, who had stayed behind in order to receive the secrets the agori spies had recently arrived with.

" Sorry sir, I was just..."

"You were just about to get a new thornax launcher and return to the battle. You see, Gresh, I count on every jungle tribe glatorian to do his part in this war, and last time I checked, you were a member of the jungle tribe. Is that correct?"

"Yes sir. It's just that I...I forgot my blades and I returned to camp to retrieve them."

Vastus looked at Gresh suspiciously, then gave him the okay. Gresh then ran over to the weapon cache, got a new thornax launcher and his blades, and ran to go join the battle. Gresh had never liked battles or any fighting, and every Glatorian knew that. The thing Gresh hated the most, was fighting the Glatorian he once considered his friends. And this battle was no exception. This battle had to be the worse so far. The tribe they were fighting this time, was the water tribe, which just so happened to be the tribe of one of his best non-jungle tribe friends, Kiina. But the worst part of this thought was the not knowing were Kiina was or even if she was fighting this battle. The next water tribe Glatorian he might strike down may be the last time he sees his friend.

"Great Beings protect us." Gresh then thought the thoughts he knew might be his last, then ran right into the middle of the darkness of battle.

Prologue II[]

"We must take action! This world is in peril and will fall if we do not to something!"

"Agreed, but what can we do? We tried to seal the gaps and cracks, but the protodermis is too powerful!"

"The protodermis was your idea, didn't you also think to prevent a leak?"

"We are Great Beings, not perfect beings. We all have our imperfections, including you."

Five Great Beings, Kalaaz, Turak, Fevra, Gadon, and Uyra, sat in their secret fortress discussing the future of the planet.

"Maybe, instead of fixing the problem with the protodermis, we should focus on the Glatorian Core War. If we can get all the tribes to unite they may solve the protodermis problem for us."

"Yes, but what would make the glatorian want to unite?"

"Not what, but who.."

Part 1[]

Chapter 1[]

Ackar walked the streets of Vulcanus, deep in thought. It had been one month since the last battle in the Core War. Not because peace had been made, but that the condition of the planet had been getting worse. Every few days a small bio-quake or tidal wave would occur. It worried everyone so much that the fighting had been postponed, if not completely disregarded.

"Ackar, Ackar! There has been a disturbance!" An Agori approached with a grim look on his bio-mechanical face. "There is a strange being in the desert between the villages requesting the prime Glatorian from each tribe."

Ackar, without saying a word, turned and headed for the gates of the city. He only thought, Just another day in the life of a Glatorian.

The five prime Glatorian met in an ancient building between the villages that seemed to be there since the beginning of time. They waited for a couple of minutes, not speaking a word to each other, till in the distance they could see a being coming closer toward them.

The being came closer until it had arrived at the building. He was very tall and covered in the finest armor of the most amazing shades of red and silver. On his head, instead of a helmet, there was a shaped piece of copper that was more of a mask. The Glatorian looked at this curious new stranger till at last he said, "Glatorian of Spherus Magna, I am Atrex, and I have been sent by the Great Beings to aid you in the reconstruction of your planet."

Strakk, prime Glatorian of the ice tribe, was the first to speak. "What makes you think we should listen to you? How do we not know that you are just some crazy Agori in disguise, trying to kill all the prime Glatorian?"

"Look at my armor, does it look like yours? I am not even from this world and yet you doubt me? I was sent to help, or would you like to see what I am truly capable of?"

No one said a word. Atrex then stared at all of them, and them back at him. Ackar had no idea what the others were thinking, but he didn't trust Atrex at all. He said he came from the Great beings, which appeared to be true, and the Great Beings had (somewhat) good intensions, but Atrex seemed suspicious, and almost dark. Many days past, and the prime Glatorian had managed to convince the Agori and other Glatorian to unite to save their world. It took a lot of convincing and promises, even to the prime Glatorian themselves, but it was accomplished. The tribe leaders then lead the Glatorian and Agori of their tribe to ancient structure as they awaited the arrival of their new "friend". Only the Skrall, the rock tribe, hadn't shown up, but then again, the Skrall had never been known for making new friends.

"Inhabitants of Spherus Magna. I welcome you. Today we begin the end of our troubles, because we will repair this world, and their will be peace!"

The Agori said nothing, not even a cheer, as they saw this strange new being appear. The Agori, and Glatorian, were not comfortable with the the idea of uniting. They weren't even used to been out of their villages without some kind of fighting going on.

Atrex, was getting frustrated. All he was trying to do was help these barbaric beings and their dying world, but all they could do was stare at him like he had asked them to run off a cliff.

"If you will not listen to me, then I will leave you and you can continue your war. But if I do there will never be any hope of uniting, and this planet will be destroyed even before your war ends."

The agori had not even been listening at first, but now what Atrex said scared them, because they knew it was true. The tribe leaders worried the most. If they chose not to unite and the world shattered, the blame would be placed on them and they would be severely punished. The tribe leaders then went away a moment to discuss, and shortly returned. The decision the would make would either save the world or destroy it. They asked a fire tribe agori, Raanu, to represent them and their decision. He gratefully agreed, because he adored the tribe leaders and had always wanted to be one.

He said,"I, Raanu, represent the tribe leaders and a decision has been made among them. The leaders have decided to........join with Atrex."

No one said a word, not even Atrex, all he did was smile.

Chapter 2[]

Time passed quickly and the Agori and Glatorian had been busy. For the past two months they had been running around fixing every little bit of protodermis that leaked, but it didn't seem to help. The bio-quakes never ceased and the tidal waves were bigger. Atrex didn't seem to mind though. He just told the agori to keep on working, telling them that they weren't working hard enough. Most of the Agori were not happy with Atrex, and none of the Glatorian trusted him.

Atrex sat in his tent, that the Agori made for him, outside the construction site of the new Agori city. Atrex had a city built to house all tribes that was to be called Atero, named after Atrex of course. He had been angry and more irritable lately. Some of the Agori said he had the dreaming plague, which had wiped out the entire iron tribe, but he knew otherwise. He was annoyed by the tiny Agori and Glatorian that followed him. He was created so strong and powerful, but his purpose was to help them. It didn't seem right.

An ice tribe Agori peeked in the tent and cautiously entered. Atrex knew he was there he was just waiting for the pitiful creature to speak and tell what the problem was.

"Um, sir? We have a problem to the north of Atero. There was a small bio-quake which caused a landslide and captured most of our team underneath."

Atrex waited a bit, but the Agori had nothing else to say. He then stood, sighed quietly, and followed the agori out of the tent, into the chaos of the Agori and Glatorian's work.

The Agori must have chosen the most difficult path to go to the construction site. They traveled over trees and small protodermis streams for kios, till at last they arrived at the site of the disaster. Every corner of the construction site was covered in the the most disgusting looking mud. There was ten other Agori already on the top of the mud searching for the Agori that had been trapped. The Agori that led him there then ran over to help the other ten to continue searching.

Atrex slowly walked toward the mess. He had to be careful where he stepped, or he might sink in a soft spot of mud or step on a dead Agori's body. He was almost to the group of Agori, when he heard a small cry say, "Help!" Atrex then searched till he found a small spot of mud that was slowly moving. Atrex began to dig, until he found the barely moving body of a water tribe Agori. He waited for the Agori to get up and join the others, but he never did. Atrex looked down, examined the agori's body, and saw he was still trapped under a tree branch that fell on his legs. He began to pick up the branch when a thought struck him.

He stopped a moment and realized what he was doing. He was helping the Agori and doing their work. He was the one to tell them what, not the other way around. Atrex didn't understand why he was given so much power, yet his purpose only required a small amount of his power. Why should he be using such strength to pick up logs, when he could be ruling worlds.

With this thought, Atrex dropped the branch, which crushed the agori. He checked and made sure no one was watching, activated his mask power, and disappeared into the shadows.

Chapter 3[]

The following weeks was a complete disaster. Even since Atrex left the Agori and Glatorian, no work had been accomplished in the construction of their new world. The Agori had no knowledge of protodermis, and had not been able to successfully seal the leaks. To make matters worse, the tremors and leaks were getting bigger, which distracted the Agori so much, that they couldn't even continue construction on Atero or even their own matters.

Since the agori had discovered that Atrex had left them, the Glatorian had been hard at work with a back up plan. They tried to let the Agori work it out and see who would be the new leader of the united tribes. But so far the Agori attempts had failed, if they had even made any. The Glatorian were now ready to approach the, now very frightened, tribe leaders and tell them about their plan.

"Enter, brave Glatorian and tell us your plan of action to save this world."

The six Glatorian entered into a shadowed room where six elder Agori sat at a round table, anxious and worried. The six glatorian were Vastus, Gelu, Tarix, Ackar, Kiina, and Certavus. The Glatorian were just as nervous as the elders, all except Vastus, who was the first one to start making a plan.

"Elders, we approach you humbly, in request that you you listen to our plan, in hopes to save a planet. We have been secretly working together on special ships, ships that have the capability of traveling through space to other worlds.We have managed to contain a small amount of protodermis from a leak and been able to transfer it to the ships to power them." As Vastus spoke to the elders he was confident, even though he knew what they would say.

All the tribe elders looked at each other, shook their heads, then let the ice tribe leader continue their thoughts. "Are you telling us that the same energy that is to power our rescue, is the same that has caused a major war, shattered our society, and brought our planet to the brink of destruction? If so, I do not think we can continue with your plan. I am sorry."

"Not to be disrespectful wise ones, but I do not think you understand." The speaker was now Certavus. "A large amount of protodermis will do devastation, but a small amount can be harnessed in so many different ways, one can only begin to imagine."

"If that is so, we would be most impressed. But we still require a demonstration. Take us to your laboratory and maybe we will consider taking your plan into action."

The tribe leaders rose from their seats and began to follow the six glatorian to the place of which they had been creating a possible solution or their imminent doom.

Chapter 4[]

The six Glatorian led the tribe leaders through underground tunnels to their workplace. The tunnels were long and dark. The only light was a small lightstone that Vastus held. The group had to be careful which path they went, one wrong turn and they would run straight into a wall of white hot protodermis. They walked quickly through the tunnels, in fear that a bio-quake might occur, and they would be trapped down their forever.

"We are almost there, just a few more micro-kios."

Kiina stepped ahead the other glatorian to reach Vastus. "Vastus, I have been tracking the pattern of the bio-quakes, and we have a problem. The next quake should happen soon, and I don't think we should be down here at the moment."

"No reason to worry Kiina, we have almost reached our destination, and we shall be safe there."

They traded turns, and Kiina now led the group. She led them faster then Vastus had, and more cautious. She obviously was worried, but Vastus didn't understand it. Ever since the core war stared, Vastus never worried anymore. He said he had seen the worst and their was nothing else to fear.

Before anyone could react, the walls started to rumble and the floor started to shake. Vastus was shocked. How could he be wrong? The bio-quake wasn't expected for hours and they were suppose to be at the laboratory minutes ago.

"I told you Vastus!"

"Be quite Kiina, now isn't the the time! We need to head to the surface, we will be safe there. Hurry, this way!"

The others followed Vastus, who was now leading again, to a secret tunnel that led to the surface. Their pace was faster then ever, because they feared their next moment could be their last. At last they reached the surface.

As far as any of them could see, there was chaos every where. The bio-quake, for the first time, was not in one area, but in the whole region. It was a terrible sight to see the agori running around crazy, trying to avoid the steaming hot streams of protodermis. What was even worse, was seeing an unfortunate few who fell in the protodermis, and melted.

The first one to speak after seeing this disaster was the jungle tribe leader.

"We are to late! The end is already here, all hope is lost!"

Before another word was said, if anything else could be said, they all look up to see something truly incredible. High above in the sky, a giant robot was hovering down from space. The robot landed far away, so one would be crushed, and looked down on the planet. He raised his hands and giant beams of energy shot from his hands onto the surface of the planet. Suddenly, the most of the leaking protodermis was sealed and the bio-quakes stopped. As soon as the chaos had stopped. the robot stood still, then collapsed onto the planet's surface. His glowing eyes flickered, then went black.

Chapter 5[]

Everyone looked to the horizon, to see where the gigantic robot fell. It was incredible, the the machine had to be at least 40,000,000 feet tall. The Agori from all over, slowly came closer to the robot. They were about to reach one of it's sides, when one of the giant metal plating fell off. All anybody could see was darkness inside. Then after a while, a group of about twenty beings started to come out on to the planet's surface

The new beings were almost the size the of the Agori, but were not animals. They stood on two legs and looked around intelligently examining their new surroundings. Another noticeable thing about them was what they wore on their faces. They were all very different and strange, yet all too familiar to the Agori. They were masks.

The tribe leaders stepped ahead of all the agori to meet these strange new beings. One of the strangers also stepped forward towards the leaders. The ice tribe leader, who knew most, if not all the languages and speeches, confronted the leader of the new beings.

"I am Keru. I lead the agori ice tribe, and this is the planet Spherus Magna, which the giant machine you came out of just saved."

The being stared at Keru for a while, as if he didn't understand. But finally the being, unexpectedly, started talking to Keru in the agori's language.

"Greetings Keru. I am Radiak, Matoran of light. I have been appointed the leader of the Matoran, and this reconnaissance team by the Great Spirit Mata Nui."

"Matoran? I have never heard of those. Wait, you said this was a team. Is there more of you? And what is a Mata Nui?"

"Mata Nui is this giant robot, but this is not really him. He is the Great Spirit, and this is his robotic shell, and our universe. As for the Matoran, yes, there are millions more of them."

Far away, behind the cover of trees and his mask, Atrex saw the Agori and Matoran meet. He smiled an evil grin, then disappeared. His plan was coming into place.

Chapter 6[]

The Agori welcomed the rest of the Matoran, and invited them into their villages. The matoran were very happy living with the agori, and all was at peace. No war, fighting, or evil tyrants. Just peace. Life was perfect.

Even though Spherus Magna was at peace, something was still wrong. Every now and again a Matoran or Agori would step in a strange spot of mud. The strange part was where the mud would be. They were more commonly found in the desert or in the middle of a village. But it wasn't just the mud that was strange, it was also the plant life. A Ga-Matoran would be playing in a field and see a purple flower. She would go over to pick it, and when she did, she would get the biggest shock of her life. Literally.

It was this way for many months, but then, the strangest thing of all happened. A troop of Po-Matoran and fire tribe Agori went to the Hot Springs, and saw more than just hot water. A Matoran, Velika, and two agori were close to a hot spring and saw a strange, cold purple liquid come out. The started to run away, but one of the agori tripped and broke his leg. The other two didn't notice, and kept on running. The Agori tried to scream, but it was to late. In an instant he was covered in the purple liquid. Nuhrii and the other Agori turned around just quick enough to see the Agori emerge from the new substance a new creature. He had wings coming out of his sided, and two more arms. The other two saw him just in time to see him fly away.

They returned to the camp and told the troop leader and reported what they had seen . The troop leader, after returning to the villages, told the tribe leaders what the matoran and agori had told him. The village leaders were speechless. Only Radiak spoke.

"The protodermis has returned."

After a long moment of silence, the tribe leaders decided to speak.

"But how? You said Mata Nui completely repaired the planet."

"I never said such thing. Do not put the blame on me."

"Then why didn't Mata Nui completely fix the problem, maybe the Great Spirit isn't so great after all!"

"Do not doubt Mata Nui he was distracted by.....other matters, besides he already gave up so much power that he fell dormant. I don't even think he could use his full power if he wanted to."

"Then we have a new mission for our Glatorian."

"What do you mean?"

"If the Glatorian can somehow awake Mata Nui, then he can be sure we never have to worry about the protodermis ever again."

Chapter 7[]

Radiak stood in amazement. The thought of sending Glatorian into Mata Nui was foolish, if not at all stupid. First of all, the Glatorian knew nothing of Mata Nui or the Matoran Universe, and secondly, after Mata Nui fell, it would be near to impossible to reach the source of Mata Nui's power. Not even the Matoran of any basic element could even go near the power fields. The only known Matoran with the power to with stand such great energy was the Av-Matoran, Matoran of light. He should know, he is one. There where secrets that the Agori and Glatorian did not need to know, but he had to let some slip in order to save the poor glatorian their lives.

"No. You do not know the Matoran Universe like I do. In fact, I think you don't know anything about Mata Nui. The core of the universe is a dangerous place, especially now. The core was surrounded by giant stalactites, and after Mata Nui crashed, one can only imagine what has become of the place."

"Then what are we suppose to do? Just let the world be destroyed? You may know a lot about Mata Nui, but we know more then you will ever know about Spherus Magna and what is good for our people." The jungle tribe leader was upset, and very furious with Radiak.

"We need a leader, someone with power who can rule both Agori and Matoran. Not to have doubt in our own warriors, but not one Glatorian can lead us all. Even us tribe leaders are getting tired of leading so many beings, so many problems we can't handle. We need to find someone perfect to rule."

Out of the shadows, came a very familiar being. The Agori elders were shocked, and scared.

"I'm glad you finally see my point, wise one. But not to worry, your problem of leadership is over."

"Atrex! How could we let you led us, you left us to our doom!"

"Oh, you poor simple minded beings. I did not leave you, I was.... testing you. But sadly, you failed. And so I have returned in order to take control of this chaos, in your time of trouble."

"If we let you lead us, will you fix the protodermis problem?"

"What problem? The protodermis does not pose as a threat."

"What? Of course it does! It would have shattered our world if Mata Nui had not interfered. That protodermis will destroy our world again if something is not done!"

"No. It will give this world new life and order." Atrex turned and whispered to himself, my order.

Part 2[]

Chapter 8[]

10 years later...

Atrex stood in his giant tower, looking down on the capitol. It had been ten years since the start of his reign, and it amazed him all that he had accomplished. The extinction of the Glatorian race, the making of his four powerful followers, and even the transformation of himself by a new substance called antidermis. And none of this could have been accomplished without the help of the protodermis.

Atrex turned and walked down the the long corridor, until he arrived at a giant wall. The wall was the Wall of History. It was created by the Po and Ga Matoran to let the future rulers of his empire know of Atrex great deeds. He looked at it and recollected on what had happened.

Not long after the Agori elders had reaccepted him, the planet started erupting with protodermis. In mere hours the whole planet was covered in it. The Agori and Matoran would have drowned, if the Glatorian had not evacuated them underground. Days past and Atrex said it was finally okay to return to the surface. When they reached the top, they were all amazed. The whole planet had turned into a giant living being. The surface was covered with the most unusual plant and wild life. Atrex then rose up and declared him self ruler of the new planet, Ultimus Magna. The Glatorian started to attack Atrex when the ground beneath them began to consume them. Atrex had somehow found out some way to control the living planet. The Glatorian surrendered, and became slaves to Atrex.

Some time later, Atrex called and asked the Glatorian who would serve him. Only three agreed. Atrex then took the three Glatorian, a Skrall, a water tribe member, and a jungle tribe member, to a secret pool of energized protodermis. The Glatorian were then transformed by the protodermis into amazingly powerful beings. The water tribe Glatorian was given powers of gravity, and was renamed Oltem. The jungle tribe Glatorian was given powers of sonics, and was renamed Hifax. And the Skrall was given powers of hypnotism, and was renamed Kryos.

The former Glatorian and Atrex started to make plans to destroy all the Glatorian. While making their plans, they encountered the Element Lords. They killed them all, except the Element Lord of Fire who joined them, and was later also transformed by the protodermis.

The five of them called all Glatorian together, to finish them off. The five them stormed the Glatorian and killed them all. With all of Atrex's opponents destroyed, Atrex started to build his empire. He divided the planet into five sectors, one for each of his servants and himself. The biggest sector was ruled by Atrex, where he created massive buildings and structures. He called his sector The Capitol.

Many years later, on an expedition to the planet's North Pole, Atrex discovered a strange new form of protodermis. He needed to know what it could do, so he took a couple of Bohrok and Visorak that he found in the remains of Mata Nui's giant body, and dropped them in. The emerged more powerful than ever. Both of their armor had turned the darkest black and thicker and stronger. they could also control powers of shadow. The Bohrok did not seemed to have changed that much, but the Visorak had taken on a whole different form. Instead of being spider-like, the were now more like hounds. The Visorak had become Shadow Hounds and Bohrok were now Shadow Bohrok. After many weeks, Atrex had created thousands of Shadow Hounds and Bohrok. He then sent his new minions out all over the planet as the new law enforcements of Ultimus Magna. But it wasn't enough, he needed the power the Bohrok and Visorak had been given. So he returned to the antidermis, and began his transformation. He rose from the antidermis stronger and more powerful than ever. The most noticeable thing was Atrex's mask. He no longer wore a copper mask of concealment, but no on his face he wore the Morrtix, the Kanohi mask of suffering.

Atrex stopped a moment and returned to the present. He had finally achieved his goal, complete domination. But now what? Would this be all he would ever be doing for the rest of his life? No. Someday he would control the protodermis the way the Glatorian had turned it into fuel for space traveling vehicles, and use it to conquer planets. There had to be other worlds, besides, where did Mata Nui come from before he arrived at Spherus Magna? That would not be accomplished today, today there would be peace.

Chapter 9[]

A gold and crimson being opened his eyes, for the first time. He looked around at his surroundings. He was in a big room, with little light. He was laying on a stone bed, hands and feet strapped by a strong metal. Slowing his mind, he focused on the metal. Quickly, the metal turned white hot and melted off the table. He got up off the table, and said out loud.

"What am I? Did I do that?"

As he finished his out-loud thought, he turned and saw he was not alone. Five other beings had just gotten up from their tables, just as confused. The green being looked at him and the melted metal on the floor, and was about to ask him something when they all heard a strong and big voice.

"Welcome, you are all Toa, the first of this world. You each possess elemental powers. You, the red one, you are Xakua and your power is fire. Green, you are Haku, spirit of air. Blue, Seenera, you are water. White, you are Kesoro, guardian of ice. Black is earth, you are Paxer. And brown is mighty stone, you are Dexyru. You shall all be trained, because there will be a day when you will have to face the evil above."

The brown and tan one, Dexyru, stepped forward. "Who are you, and why should we trust you. Where are we?"

The big voice chuckled and replied, "I am the great being, Gadon, and you would be wise to trust me, for I am your creator. As for where you are, you are in the secret tunnels and structures of what is know called Sector 5. Now come, we have much to discuss and prepare for.

The voice led them down dark tunnels till they reached a room with a large room, with a big stone table in the middle. The six Toa circled the table and the voice began to tell them the history and secrets of their new world.

What they heard was amazing. A world sunk deep in war over energized protodermis, a new savior, and his betrayal. How could a being intended for so much good, do so much evil? He wiped out a whole race and enslaved a planet, he was so terrible and ruthless.

"Toa, until the time is right, my servants and I will train you in order to face the darkness. Today you are safe while you train, but someday you will go out on your own, and face a world of chaos."

Chapter 10[]

Seenera was not having a good day. Training had gone worse than intended, just like Gadon liked it. He had set up a virtual reality in one of the secret caves and told the Toa they had to find special Toa stones. Her stone had been so delicately placed in an underwater cave in the jaws of a decayed fish. The problem was that the fish's jaws were covered in poison. Activating her mask power, she told her mask what to do, and she slithered through the teeth like a lava eel. When she was inside the creature's mouth, she extended one of her long swords and wedged it into the teeth near the Toa stone. She hit it and the stone fell out. She grabbed it and sighed with relief. Using her mask again, she got a breath of air and continued swimming out of the cave. She then heard the giant voice of Gadon say, "Good work. But next time try to achieve success without and mask or elemental powers. The greatest warriors are the ones who can use his surroundings."

Haku was really frustrated. Apparently someone before him had messed up and he had to payed the price. Where his Toa stone was placed had made things so difficult that his mask was no use to him, and his elemental powers of air had been limited. Gadon had decided to place his stone in the depths of the darkest cave. He had no light, and only kept himself off the floor by using the air current to keep himself straight on the path. After what seemed like hours wandering in darkness, he stopped. The air current in this part of the tunnel was circling, it was a dead end. Now Haku was even more frustrated. Slowly he walked to the side trying to find the wall. When he reached it he felt it and noticed something strange. The tunnel wall did not feel like stone, it was moist and soft, Not hesitating to make sure he didn't run into a wall, he ran back out towards the other paths.

Kesoro looked up in satisfaction. The Toa Stone was in sight and could be obtained easily. Easily being that he had to jump on tiny rocks to get to the other side of a river of lava. Xakua would have gotten this stone in a second, but he was a Toa of Ice and did not get along with fire or heat at all. Getting ready to jump to the first rock, Kesoro swayed back and forth until he gathered enough momentum. As he made the first jump, he looked down at the lava, distracting his concentration. The distraction caused him to stumble forward, almost falling in the lava. Regaining concentration, he looked forward and continued jumping. At last he reached the other side. Cautiously, he approached the Toa Stone. He picked it up and turned around to leave, when he saw that the rocks on the river were gone, and a giant lava wave was headed right for him! He quickly turned around and started to run as fast as he could, but it was no use because the heat started to make him tired and slow him down. But there was another problem. Straight in front of him there was a giant cliff, falling down into a lava lake. He turned around and saw the lava wave headed for him. Well, it's better then what's behind me, he thought and jumped.