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Prefix Wo-
Assosiated Colours Light Brown, Dark Yellow,

Wood is an Elemental Power. It is not very common, only one being is known to wield it.

Species Wielders[]


  • Matoran of Wood, or Wo-Matoran, would come in the colours of Dark Yellow and Light Brown, and have inactive Wood powers. They would also be naturally good Carpenters.
  • Toa of Wood can manipulate, absorb, create and turn things into Wood. If they use all of it, they must wait for the energy to recharge.
  • A Turaga of Wood would posess small traces of Wood energy.


  • Creating wood
  • Creating objects made of wood
  • Controlling wood
  • Making pieces of wood fly through the air.
  • Absorbing wood
  • Setting a timed wood blast (Nuva-exclusive).
  • Unleashing a wood Nova Blast.
  • Great Willpower and Strategy usually comes with this element.


  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Fire, it can be used to create ash.
  • When combined with any other five different Elements, it creates a Protodermis cage around the target that is only breakable by a second union of the six Elements.


All of the following have or had the Element of Wood:

  • All Wo-Matoran - (They have the power, but they can't use it.)
  • Nowah - As a Toa.
  • All Toa of Wood