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This is the DS version of Wiki Metru.

Wiki Metruan[]

This Revolves around the Wiki Metruans struggle Against the Dark Riders.


  • Create-A-Toran
  • The Slicer
  • PL
  • Reptor
  • Osmiu
  • Monasti



Level 1-As Create-A-Toran, go through A Quick Tutorial Guided by PL and The Slicer

Level 2-As Create-A-Toran, Kill Five Enemies

Level 3-As Create-A-toran, Kill Create-A-Kuta

Level 4-As Reptor, escort Create-A-Toran away from WMF


Level 1-As Reptor, Escort Creat-A-Toran to a small Village. Then you Change to Create-A-Toran and Protect the village for 3:00.

Level 2-As Create-A-Toran, Kill 10 Enemies

Level 3-As Create-A-Toran, Find PL.

Level 4-As PL, Travel to the City and fight three waves of Enemies

Level 5-As PL, fight Athena

Level 6-As Create-A-Toran, find and Escort several Matoran to the village and protect the village for 3:00

Level 7-As Reptor, Fight Zero


Level 5-As PL, find Osmiu and escort him to the Gate

Level 6-As Osmiu, Find and Fight Daimond Toa.


Level 1-As PL, find Slicer and kill Ten Enemies

Level 2-As The Slicer, Fight Athena and Cyborg.

Level 3-As Create-A-Toran, Fight Cyborg. Crborg dies after this.

Level 4-As Osmiu, Run away from Athena


Level 8-As Osmiu, Kill 30 Enemies


Level 8-As The Slicer, Find and Fight Zero.

Level 9-As PL, Kill Athena

Level 10-As Reptor, fight Dragon Claw


Level 1-As Osmiu, find Monasti and escort him to the Assembly Tower

Level 2-As Monasti, fight Dark Vahki

Level 3-As Monasti, Escape the City.


Level 9-As Create-A-Toran, Protect Reptor for 3:00. Then help Osmiu take down Thirty-five Bounty Hunters. Then Escort reptor to PL and the Slicer

Level 10-As Reptor, Defeat Zero. Zero Dies after this

Level 11-As Create-A-Toran, fight Dark Vahki. Create-A-Toran dies after this. Then you play as The Slicer and Defeat Dark Vahki