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"I believe in the power of labor, whether with head or hand. This world owes no man a living, but it owes every man an opportunity to make one."
Apex Corporation Founder
CEO of Apex Corporation
Unknown (shadow?)
A large array of weapons and vehicles supplied through his company.

Weyland is a wealthy Vortixx businessman and founder of the Apex Corporation, the largest company in the Construct.


Early History[]

Born on Xia in 12,134BSF, Weyland lived among a working Vortixx family.

When he was twenty, he climbed The Mountain, a large land feature in the center of the island known for attempting to consume those who climbed upon it. He completed the rite successfully and was granted a high-earning position in a weapons factory on the southern portion of Xia.

Eventually, after years of suspicious rise through the company, Weyland was exiled from Xia. He eventually settled in the city of Tetra Nui, and founded a small weapons emporium for self protection and mercenaries.

Creation of Apex[]

After several years and several locational upgrades, Weyland began creating a computer he called the Apex Device. His first models sold rather quickly, and he began to hire research teams to further upgrade the device.

The company also began to create its own weapons, and eventually created a rather successful line of both energy and standard ballistic weaponry.

The company quickly expanded, engulfing smaller businesses in the process.

Personality and Traits[]

Weyland was extremely competitive and predatory in the business realm, often buying out smaller companies whenever he got the chance and tried to either eliminate or far exceed other corporations on the level of his own.

His wealth affected him little, however. He knew the value of work, and spent many of his hours observing stock or inspecting his company's factories and administrative facilities. He also made sure never to use slave or cheap labor in his factories, and paid many of his workers double that of the wages of other companies in Tetra Nui.

Weyland was also known for his philanthropy. He donated billions of credits to aid organizations, and personally funded the founding of several colleges in Xia and Tetra Nui. He also made massive donations to religious missions, and was extremely charitable to the poor.


  • His name comes from the character Peter Weyland from the Aliens franchise.
  • Originally, his personality was inspired by that of Peter Weyland, but he later took on qualities of real, late 19th and early 20th century business leaders, including J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie.
  • The quote on his page was inspired by a similar quote by John D. Rockefeller.