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Werotusgame is one of the first games made by Toatapio Nuva. It's also a prototype for it's sequel, Werotusgame 2. The game was released on Bzpower in 2008, but has since been rereleased in 2009. The game is very similar to it's sequel. The objective of the game is to pop all blue balls in a level with laser blasts. Many bonus items can also be popped to give one extra ablities and points. The player has 5 lives in the beginning and can collect more by popping some hearts. If the player is hit by any object, he/she loses a life. When all lives are lost, the game ends.

There's also a 2 player version of this game, where the other character is Aino. Aino has all the same abilities as Werotus in the game.


Space - Shoot laser blasts Left/Right Arrows - Move left and right, respectively Up Arrow - Jump

Aino's Controls in 2 player mode[]

Ctrl - Shoot laser blasts A/D - Move left and right W - Jump


  • Sometimes, if a blue ball is moving right next to the right wall only, Werotus can't pop it. This makes it impossible to continue the game. In 2 player mode this isn't a problem, since Aino can pop those balls too.

External Links[]

Download Werotusgame Download Werotusgame 2 player mode

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