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Werotus is a Matoran loonatic living in the Mountains of Doom.



A completely random comic which has absolutely nothing to do with the actual storyline of anyone in the Bionicle Universe.

Werotus has had a red hand ever since he was born. It's evil.

In his later times, Werotus was banished for unknown reason, from Bio-Land. He went to the Mountains of Doom, where he has become friends with the monsters living there. He guards the Volcano of Doom fiercely with his friends. He's the only Matoran living there and one of the few to have survived it. He doesn't know of the formation of Kowa or The Melding, but he did witness The Rising before. He still lives in his cave, which has become a part of Kowa of Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

Werotus is an angry loner who hates everything except for his friend monsters. Well, actually he hates them too but he has no other choice than let them live in the same area with him. He is fierce and a bit crazy.

Werotus has weak laser powers in his evil hand. He can launch laser blasts with it.


Werotus carries a normal axe.




  • Werotus got his name when he joined Youtube. (Please don't steal the name. Muhaha.)
  • Werotus loves Nintendo for no apparent reason.
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