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Warrior (Toa Hydros)
1206563060 SPLASH
Dark Brotherhood Member
Amphibious, Shadow, electricity, gravity, laser vision, telepathy
Sword, claws, fangs, mandibles, tentacles

"Warrior" is the result of a Brotherhood of Makuta experiment. He is a former member of the Dark Hunters, and is currently a servant of the Dark Brotherhood.


After the Brotherhood of Makuta crushed the League of Six Kingdoms, they began plotting Mata Nui's downfall. They also began experimenting with the idea of creating more powerful soldiers. One of their early attempts was a being they named "Warrior."

However, like "Titan" after him, he rebelled against the Brotherhood and escaped Destral. He later joined the Dark Hunters. During his time as a Dark Hunter, Warrior was defeated by a group of Toa and banished to the Pit by Botar.

After the great prison flooded as a result of the Great Cataclysm, Warrior was mutated into an amphibious form. Some time after his escape, Warrior was recruited as a lieutenant in the undersea empire of a Dark Hunter named Proto-Beast. Centuries later, Warrior and Mezahk alerted Proto-Beast to the arrival of a Toa named Hydros. In response, Proto-Beast sent a detachment of Zyglak and Tarakava lead by Warrior to capture him. Later, after Hydros was captured, Warrior witnessed a heated conversation between Proto-Beast and Hydros. Eventually, Hydros attempted to kill Proto-Beast with his Cordak Blaster. In response, Proto-Beast ordered Warrior and Mezahk to kill Hydros' Matoran friend, Scotho, if he killed Proto-Beast. Before Hydros could make his choice, a Maxilos unit arrived and knocked Proto-Beast's court out, including Warrior. After recovering, Warrior and most of Proto-Beast's court were forced to flee.

However, he was not among Proto-Beast's servants when a majority of them were captured by the "revived" Hydraxon, as he had already parted ways with them. Warrior then made his way back into the Matoran Universe, where he met with the Zarak warlord Conqueror, and joined his armies.

Abilities and Traits[]

Warrior is far stronger than a Toa. He is also amphibious and possesses control over shadow, electricity, and gravity. He also has laser vision and the power of telepathy.


Warrior's weapons include a sword and a tentacle. he also has sharp teeth, claws, and mandibles that can inject a paralyzing venom.


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