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"Warrior" was a former Dark Hunter and a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Dark Hunter[]

"The Shadowed One" recruited Warrior for his valiant battle skils. His code name refers to what his boss thought of him. So he hunted down many Toa, but mostly fought in wars rather than one-to-one combat.

Now Warrior wanted to be most favored by "The Shadowed One." But all the other Dark Hunters were in his path, especially Titan. No matter how hard he tried, Warrior couldn't beat him. So finally, he left the organization.

When "The Shadowd One" heard of Warrior's leave, he was angry and worried that Warrior might reveal the Dark Hunters' secrets to anyone. So he sent some of his best Hunters to kill Warrior. However, Warrior was caught in the middle of nowhere by the Brotherhood of Makuta before the Hunters found him.

Brotherhood of Makuta[]

The Brotherhood then erased Warrior's memories as a Dark Hunter and trained him as a servant. He obeyed well, and his personality was changed forever. He became patient and learned to think before acting. He never knew how to use his brain before that.

One day, Titan agreed to join the Brotehrhood as a servant after escaping from the Dark Hunters. He recognized Warrior and kept a close watch on him because of their rivalry as Hunters. But as he saw that Warrior had no memory of the past, he built up a new friendship between them. Titan learned to think from Warrior, and Warrior learned to combat from Titan, because he had forgotten the ways of the battlefield.

So the two planeed to steal the Brotherhood's secret plans and overthrow the Makuta of Metru Nui. But the Makuta found out and decided to kill them, although they escaped thanks to Warrior's plan B, which was to use a secret trapdoor which they had found. And they escaped to the desert, where they followed the huge Zylak army led by the powerful leader "Conqurer".

Zyglak Army[]

The two became officials in the army after being recognized by Conqurer as fellow former Dark Hunters. And they joined in the attack against the League of Six Kingdoms.


Warrior never thought before rushing into action at first. After being captured by the Brotherhood, he changed and learned to think at everything, almost every single thing he could think of.