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Warmek is a Toa Mercenary.



Warmek's past is virtually unknown. He has been a travelling mercenary all his life; he will do anything from murder to terrorsim for money. However, he has made many friends. he has just as many enemies. He is constantly seen behind the scenes during Sweet, Sweet Revenge, and Narkz and his companions are looking for him in Forgotten Revenge.


Besides the shoulder-mounted machine gun and missile launcher, Warmek has:

  • a grenade launcher hidden in his back armor
  • a tear/poison gas sprayer hidden in his back as well
  • a three pronged energy sword he sometimes carries
  • a modified laser rifle that can be adapted to become a shotgun, plasma launcher, sniper rifle,etc.
  • mini bombs that eject from his chest plate
  • twin laser pistols hidden in his thick writs armor
  • A thick Protodermis shield that hides his back weapons
  • A protodermis katana that he has mastered

Warmek uses his katana in close combat. He usually jabs it a lot rather than swing it. This allows Warmek to gt a little more distance when attacking, but prevents him from blocking srikes.


Warmek is heavily armore to the point where projectiles bounce off of him. His mask seems to make his armor extremely resisent. It is so thick that weapons can be hidden inside.


  • Warmek is one of my fav MOCs
  • I have created almost every weapon listed above. They work and function exactly as they are described. (except the twin laser pistols and bombs)
  • Warmek met and befriended Narkz during one of his Mercenary missions.