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War of the Clones (event)
Lerahk Flash
Conflict War of the Clones
Date {{{date}}}
Location Bio-Land
Outcome Whole universe in chaos, also everything is destroyed
    • All the good guys of the universe
    • Lerahk Army
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  • {{{goal2}}}
    • Henkka, later someone else
    • Inwirn
  • All Toa of the universe
  • All Matoran of the universe
    • Lerahks
Previous The Battle of Zaxx and Toa of Sound
Next Battle of the King Spider



  • Destroy the Lerahk Army
  • Return the universe back to peace
  • Destroy the Cloning Machine

Lerahk Army (Villains)[]

  • Conquer all of Bio-Land
  • Recapture the inhabitants of the universe


The War of the Clones is definently one of the biggest wars ever, since it included all the inhabitants of the universe. When Inwirn got her Cloning Machine done, she cloned an unbelievable amount of Lerahks, which made up Lerahk's Army. She sent them to conquer the world which they succeeded in. Henkka and his friends, however, freed the inhabitants from land by land and sent them to Bio-Land, the enemy's source.

The battle was huge. All the inhabitants of the Universe battled against the huge army of Lerahk's in Bio-Land. Almost all of Bio-Land got destroyed in the process and many Matoran and other beings died.

Meanwhile Tapio and his friends faced Inwirn at her base. Toa of the Toa sacrificed himself to destroy the Cloning Machine and Henkka killed Juho. The base was also destroyed. They came out and saw the war but Henkka and Tapio got trapped under a large exo robot falling.

The battle didn't end in either side's victory. The Spiders of Doom interrupted by starting their own attack. They trapped all the inhabitants and turned them into Hordika beasts.


Henkka and Tapio got free from under the robot and saw that it was completely quiet. Everyone had been captured and turned into Rahi. The Invasion of the Spiders of Doom adventure began.


  • All the damage and the battle itself was erased from existence, in other words undone, by Tapio when he changed reality back to normal with the Mask of Reality. Therefore the battle never came and the ones who died in the battle are alive.

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