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War for Power is an continuing story about the struggle to posses power over the Matoran.

(allot of the characters are canon, but most of the events are fanon).

War for Power
the Matoran Universe
Date Set
Soon to be revealed

Note: this storyline is based on the 2008 storyline, which is before the Mata Nui Robot was taken over by Teridax.

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WAR! The Order of Mata Nui (OoMN) has revealed itself to fight the Brotherhood and their ally: the Avarians. These Avarians are a band of pirates and raiders. And their leader, Vorssah, was invincible. Vorssah was a Steltian of Sidorak's species, but extremely ancient. In fact, he was the Great Beings prototype for Sidorak's species. Vorrsah was invincible because he was placed as king of the Steltians. To make sure he was never overthrown, he fused his life force to a Crystal. So in order to destroy him, you must first destroy The Crystal.

At the Brotherhood, while Teridax was away executing his master Plan, a Makuta named Bakama rose up to take control of the Brotherhood.

With the forces of the Avarians, The Dark Hunters, the Brotherhood of Makuta, the newly released Barraki, and the Order and Toa fighting throughout the Matoran Universe, things are about to get very interesting... and nasty.

Chapter 1[]

Toa Helryx blasted a Rahkshi of Weather Control into the sea. The Brotherhood's forces were breaking onto the ship!

The Order of Mata Nui’s forces had just reached the coast of Stelt, a Makuta held island. With dozens of ships and airships, each one armed with Energy Cannons, Midak Skyblasters and other weapons, the Order thought they could easily break the Brotherhood from the island: they were wrong, VERY wrong. The Order was outnumbered by at least 2 to 1.

With Rahkshi swarming over the entire island, the Order's ground forces were forced to retreat back to the boats, but were cut off by mechanical Exo-Toa. The Order’s ground forces put up a good fight, and bought enough time for the ships to get there, but only most of the ground forces survived.

"We have to retreat!" called one of the ships captains via radio. "We won’t be able to hold off these Rahkshi much longer." Helryx knew he was right. None of them would make it out alive if they stayed. "Alright, call in one last wave of airship attacks." she said. "Maybe we can damage them enough to keep them off our tail, then we head back to Daxia."

At Destral, Pridak was not so unlucky

The Barraki warlord had been hired by the Order of Mata Nui to aid them in their war against the Brotherhood of Makuta, and Pridak was more than glad to accept. He and his forces attacked Destral, and the brotherhoods fortress was now little more than ash. His ships were preparing to move on to the next Brotherhood fortress, and he, for the first time in over 80,000 years, was beginning to carve out an empire for himself.

Chapter 2[]

“Are you out of your mind?” raged an angry Jerbraz.

Tobduk, the invisible Jerbraz, Trinuma and Helryx were standing in a room looking at a prototype of a new robot Helryx had designed.

"What other choice do we have Jerbaz?" asked Tobduk. "We do not have enough soldiers to fight the always growing army of the Brotherhood. They can make more Rahkshi in minutes. We have no army like that. But with these, we will have one better than an army of Rahkshi".

"These ‘Toa Mimic WarBots’ I have decided to call them will have the elemental powers of Toa and carry whatever weapons we choose to give them." said Helryx. "Like Toa, They are color coated to match their element: Red for Fire, Blue for Water, and so on. These robots are our only hope for surviving this war".

"They have the power of a Toa?" Jerbraz asked angrily. "Yes" answered Helryx. "And you are proposing to create hundreds of them??" "Thousands of them" corrected Tobduk. "And we will make automated tanks, airships, and much more which will all use the same programming".

"What if we lost control? What if the enemy got ahold of the control computer? Whoever got control of them would have a power far greater than anyone could imagine."

"Maybe he has a point." said Trinuma, a 9 foot tall warrior. "Maybe it is too big of a risk."

"Losing this war… is a bigger risk". Helryx said, doing her best to keep her temper in check. " The control computer will be under intense guard, and will move locations throughout our fortress every day. Kind of like the locks in Onu-Metru Archives. The lock changes location on the door every day and is hidden. The computer, and the robots, will be safe."

"I still don’t like it.” said Jerbraz.

“Frankly, Jerbraz, it doesn’t matter what you like. I am the leader of the Order, not you.” stated Helryx firmly. “We start production today.”

Chapter 3[]

A small missile shot over MakutaBakama's head and hit the Makuta Fortress.

It had been three weeks since the Battle of Stelt. The Order had managed to, in a very small amount of time, raise a massive army of Toa-Mimic WarBots, mechanical tanks, autopilot airships, and even a few autopilot boats and launched another attack on Stelt. These autopilot ships and airships would fire at Brotherhood ships and airships but not anyone else, unless programed to.

The explosion from the missile was devastating. A very large tower, which was part of the Brotherhood fortress, was destroyed.

He fired a blast of darkness energy, destroying a WarBot of Plant Control. As soon as it was down, a WarBot of Iron and a WarBot of Air came in to take its place. The greed armored machine fired a harpoon at Bakama, but he dodged it, doing a backflip. While he was in midair, a hand of Iron exploded out of the ground and grabbed him, smashing him into the ground. As soon as that happened, a large boulder materialized above him, and landed on him cracking his armor and allowing his energy to escape in its gas form.

"This is crazy!" thought Bakama. "A Makuta falling to a robot?" He looked in the distance, and he saw a whole legion of Rahkshi had been destroyed, and more Robots were flowing in by the second and the Order's fleet had decimated the Makuta fleet.

Up ahead were several dozen WarBots closing in on him. In his state, half crushed by a boulder and his energy leaking, he would be destroyed by the WarBots. He let loose a power scream, damaging the robots sensors, disorientating them.

He then used his shattering power to destroy the boulder on top on him. The he got up, looked up, and saw a massive, spider-like robot moving towards him. A cordak blaster came out from its side, and shot a small missile towards him. He dodged it, but the robot then flung him with one of its legs. He was sent flying through the walls of one of the last standing Brotherhood armories.

The spider was coming towards him, cordak blaster ready. He blasted a hole through it with his laser vision, but when it fell, several automated tanks came in to take its place. He then realized the island was lost to the Order. He used his mask of flight to fly up to a retreating airship.

He attempted to contact a navy commander to call a full retreat, but the ship the commander was on had been destroyed. There were only a few airships left. They headed south for Makuta Nui, one of the most important Makuta bases (second only to Destral which had fallen). Makuta Nui also had a large pool of Energized Protodermis. The Brotherhood would use this to turn kraata into Rahkshi and therefore replenish their army.

Chapter 4[]

“You see, Jerbraz? Four weeks of this war and everything is going fine.” said Helryx.

The two of them were standing on a tower overlooking the city on Nynrah, watching their new Toa-Mimic WarBot servant’s labor to repair the damage done by the battle. “Yes, I have to admit, this has gone pretty smoothly.” said Jerbraz.

With the Toa-Mimic WarBots, the Order had uprooted Brotherhood forces in Stelt, Nynrah, The Northern Continent, and a small portion of the Southern Continent. Their new ally, the Barraki, which they had freed for this very purpose, had taken Destral and another Makuta base. The Order had also hired the Dark Hunters, who were very successful in taking Xia. So now, the only islands that are Makuta controlled are: The rest of the Southern Continent, Makuta Nui (Which is right above Artidax), Visorak, and a few unnamed islands. Makuta commanders and generals were being picked off one by one. It would seem that they were winning the war.

“But we have to remember to keep an eye on Pridak and the Shadowed One, Just in case they decide to do anything stupid.” said Helryx.

“Stupid?” said Jerbraz. “Pridak is the last person in this universe to do anything stupid. Even among the Brotherhood he is considered a top military mind.”

“Yes I know. That’s why he makes a great ally, but he would also make a deadly enemy. I need you to keep an eye on him.”

“Me? Why me?” asked Jerbraz.

“Because you are invisible.” said Helryx. “And your weapon is invisible. I need you to go to that unnamed island below Odina, which is his base, and if you hear talk of rebelling against the Order, you will have to kill him.” To the north, on an unnamed island, Jerbraz was too late to hear talk of rebellion: That had already been discussed, decided on, and silenced. Anyone who mentioned it was, well, permanently silenced.

“So they think they can spy on the mighty Pridak?” thought Pridak. Oh yes, he knew of Jerbraz coming to his island to spy. Pridak had already placed one of his spies among the Order to bring back information. And his spy had told him that Jerbraz was on his way. That’s why he had already decided, he would rebel, when the time was right.

Chapter 5[]

A blast shot through The Fang’s hull, ripping it open. But the power of The Crystal closed the gap before the water could flood in.

Time: About 11:00 in the Morning. Location: Makuta Nui. What is going on: Vorssah and his small army had just returned to the Makuta base. So far half of this Makuta fleet there had been sunk by The Fang’s Energy Bolt Cannons and Cordak Blasters. Reason: To conquer.

The Fang fired back, causing utter destruction on the Brotherhood ship. Vorssah’s crew was, along with him, invincble, and so it only took a few dozen of his crew to storm the Island. His crew was mainly Steltians of his species, but there were some ex-Dark Hunters, rouge Vortixx, Skakdi, and even a few Matoran criminals, all completely loyal to him, and all invincible.

“FIRE!” yelled Makuta Bakama. The Brotherhood ship fired. The Brotherhood warships were the largest in the Universe. At the Makuta’s command, dozens of large Energy Bolt Cannons fired at The Fang, utterly shattering through it. But instantly, The Crystal fused the ship back together.

“Ha!” laughed Vorssah, pushing a button. This fired a small missile at the Brotherhood ship, blowing it to bits, and forcing Bakama to teleport to another ship for the fourth time.

Then at Vorssah’s command, the Fang sunk beneath the waves. The Fang was not a normal ship: it was mostly enclosed, and did not have an open deck (accept a small deck right above the bridge). This design allowed it to sink, travel underwater, and then re-surface.

“Rahi Bones!!” cried Bakama. “Vorssah could be anywhere now”.

“Anywhere” turned out to be directly under Bakama’s ship. The Fang came hurtling up, and its narrow design sliced right through the Brotherhood ship, cutting it in half, and forcing Bakama to teleport again.

The Fang immediately headed for Makuta Nui’s main sea port, fired its missiles and energy bolt cannons, and completely destroyed it.

After this they sent more troops to the island. As a result, the Makuta Base was flooded by these Avarian forces, and every Rahkshi was smashed, and every Exo-Toa was destroyed. Thus the island of Makuta Nui was taken by the Avarians, a group of thugs, pirates, and thieves that were once considered an ally of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood forces were forced to retreat, again, this time heading for the southern continent. Who knows if the Brotherhood would find itself retreating from that island as well.

“No.” said Bakama, who was riding on a retreating airship. “By the time the southern continent is taken away from us, the whole universe will be ours.”

Chapter 6[]

Pridak sat on the bridge of his ship, The Ocean Warrior, wondering if their scout ship would ever return.

It was about 100 Miles north of Daxia, Pridak and his fleet of 170 ships was sailing to conquer Daxia, and take control of the robot army. With the robot army in his hands, he would be able to march on Metru Nui and take over that city. Once he did that, he would be able to control the flow of power to the rest of the universe, and that universe would be his.

“After I kill the other Barraki of course.” Though Pridak. “Until I do I’ll have to call the universe ‘ours’.”

He looked through the thick fog, trying to spot the scout ship he sent out earlier. Had it been captured?

It seemed they would soon find out. An object was floating through the mist, it looked like a ship. But it was going very slow. Another strange thing was they were getting closer and they heard no sound of an engine.

Pridak called the scout ship over radio, but all he got back was static.

Pridak steered his ship towards the scout ship, intending to board it a see what’s wrong. Pridak’s ship came through the fog like a ghost, pulling up alongside the other vessel. Pridak pressed a button on a remote, and a mechanical plank extended out of the side of his ship to the deck of the other.

Pridak and several crew members walked across the plank onto the deck of the other ship. Immediately Pridak knew this wasn’t a mere broken radio or a power outage. Windows had been shattered, smoke was still rising out of some of the cannons, and small fires burned barrels and crates. While the crew went to work putting out the fire, Pridak investigated what had happened. Was this an accidental fire?

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw an arrow stuck in the side the ship. He ripped it off and looked at it. It had primitive feathers and was slightly crooked. The sharp part was made of extremely sharpened stone. He had seen this kind of arrow somewhere…

Then it dawned on him. He had seen this design of arrow on an island he had conquered 89,000 years ago. And he also remembered its user.

“Everybody of the boat!” he yelled, even as a high pitched shriek came from inside the ship.

Pridak ran along the plank and made it to the ocean warrior. Arrows flew past him and buried themselves in the plank, shattering it before the crew could make it across. Those who were still on the deck of the damaged ship were shot by arrows.

Then three dozen of the creatures known as Zyglak jumped out onto the deck of the Ocean Warrior. Pridak raised his weapons even has he rang a bell, sounding the alarm. One of the Zyglak moved towards him, and Pridak blasted it with a cordak blaster, killing it and knocking it into the sea.

By now the ship was being flooded with Zyglak. Crew members came rushing out, only to be shot down by Zyglak arrows. A crew member steered away from the scout ship, only to slam into something else. He looked and the ship had slammed into a Zyglak ship. A whole fleet of such ships could be seen through the fog now.

Pridak looked at the surrounding fleet. Now the entire Ocean Warrior had been taken by Zyglak, and Pridak wondered if they could even hope to survive this battle.

Nektann, a Skakdi warlord, was also wondering if survival would be possible. After battering Brotherhood forces in the Southern Continent, the Order had assigned him a suicidal mission: To intercept Vorssah’s track for Metru Nui.

Helryx had managed to invent an underwater radar technology and was able to track The Fang’s movements, and it was heading north. With a small Air Force at his command, and having broken away from the Brotherhood, he would be able to conquer Metru Nui in a day or two. He must be stopped at all costs.

Of course, it would take an army to hundreds to take The Fang, and that was if they had The Crystal. Nektann had the first, but he would have to retrieve the second.

That wouldn’t be easy, they would have to catch The Fang at a time when it wasn’t underwater, and then board the ship, distract the crew, take the Crystal, and then Nektann would be able to put HIS life energy into the Crystal. And he and all whom he considers his crew on his ships would also be un-destroyable.

Then he heard cannon fire up ahead. He couldn’t see through the fog, but he could tell there was a massive battle going on. He and his large fleet sailed forward, and then he saw. Over a hundred Barraki ships were battling over a thousand Zyglak ships. And in the lead of the Zyglak ships was…THE FANG??

Vorssah walked confidently across the deck of the Ocean Warrior. His army of Zyglak had been very effective in capturing the ship he was on now.

“So this is the famous Pridak.” He said, looking into the eyes of Pridak, who was chained to the deck of his own ship. “The conqueror of old broken apart castles, and the ruler of senseless Rahi, and…”

“I would watch my language if I were you.” said Pridak in a particularly savage voice. “I was thinking about making a bargain with you.”

“Bargain?” asked Vorssah.

“Yes, you might be interested in knowing that we have a spy on Daxia, and he has the computer that controls it all, the Robots, the autopilot ships and planes, everything. And with the flick of a few switches, he could re-program the Robots to obey me. Now, even with Zyglak, you won’t be able to take Daxia. And in return for letting me and my army free, I offer my allegiance. ” Pridak said.

Vorssah thought about it. “Why should I trust you?”

“Because you have the Crystal, and even when I control the robots, one of your crewmembers could assassinate me without worrying about getting killed.”

On Daxia, the spy was hiding in the room were the computer was, awaiting Pridak’s instructions. It wouldn’t be long now…

Nektann sailed his ships on a collision course with Pridak’s fleet and Vorssah’s fleet, both of which have stopped fighting and were now sailing alongside each other. He had a special weapon that would give him a great advantage. He looked at his radar, and saw his weapon sailing through the water.

“Wondering how I got the Zyglak to ally with me?” asked Vorssah. “The Zyglak will often ally with beings cast out of society, like Me. I also promised them they would take the lives of Toa, Matoran, and all then beings they hate. They decided to follow me.”

“I see.” answered Pridak.

“Yes, it took a lot of persuading, but I managed to get them to unite into one army, with me their leader.”

Then they heard a yell from the crew of the Ocean Warrior. Several ships could be seen coming through the fog. They appeared to be Zyglak ships at first, but then they could see they were Skakdi ships. But one thing was strange, usually the Skakdi blow a special horn when they are going into battle, but the ship didn’t even appear to have a crew.

As they got closer, Pridak could see a flashing red light on their decks. He wondered what they were, until they got a little closer.

“Oh no,” said Pridak.

Nektann could see on his radar that the ships were right in the middle of Pridak’s fleet, and he pressed a button. His only regret was that Pridak was in that fleet. Pridak was such a good war leader, and he would have made an excellent ally. What a waste.

“BLAST THE SKAKDI SHIPS! BLOW THEM UP NOW!” yelled Pridak, but it was too late. The red lights on the Skakdi ships flashed faster, and then the ships exploded. It was a massive explosion. Half of Pridak’s fleet was destroyed. The Ocean Warrior’s hull was ripped open by flying debris and it began to sink. Then the gas tank in the ship caught on fire and exploded. Vorssah was protected by the power of the crystal, but Pridak was forced to jump into the water before the entire ship burst into flames. He swam to the surface of the water and looked around. His fleet was now being chased north by a Skakdi fleet. The Ocean Warrior was gone, but Vorssah was swimming towards The Fang. Pridak did the same.

Pridak climbed aboard The Fang, and immediately ran inside and grabbed a radio, contacted the commander of his fleet, and yelled “What is the matter with you?? Turn and fight!”

The commander did just that. He led to fleet towards the Skakdi fleet, and the Barraki ships were picked off one by one.

“Now is as good a time as any.” said Pridak. He then radioed the spy on Daxia.

“Re program the Toa Mimic WarBots, the Autopilot planes and ships, the guns on Daxia, everything. And when you’re done, get off that island.”

“Yes sir.” He responded. And he then proceeded to reprogram the computer.

The results were disastrous. Islands spread out across the known universe, from the Northern Continent, to the uncharted Southern Islands, the Order of Mata Nui robots turned on their own allies, killing the living Order agents.

The Order soldiers were confused, and were not sure who to fight, or who was more dangerous. The Makuta forces used the confusion to their advantage, attacking both robots and Order members.

Helryx heard what was happening, and she was filled with shock. But she was pretty sure what had happened, a spy must have been on the island.

“Don’t let anyone out of the fortress!” she yelled.

Just in time, the guards stopped someone who was running outside the gate. The guard threw a dagger, killing him. Helryx immediately grabbed the computer and re programmed it.

The Toa Mimic WarBots stopped attacking their allies, and turned back to the Rahkshi and Exo-Toa they were fighting. This caught the Brotherhood by surprise, giving the Order the upper hand, but the effect of the switch was done. Hundreds of Order agents had been killed.

“I told you.” said Jerbraz. “I told you this was a terrible idea. Now so many Order agents have been killed we are completely relying on the WarBots. If this was to happen again…”

Helryx looked at him (or at least were the voice was coming from), and wondered if he was right. If the WarBots got taken away from the Order again, there would be no Order.

Pridak looked at Vorssah, and said simply, “When my spy arrives with the Computer*, we shall march on Metru Nui.

*Pridak had no idea that his spy was dead, and the Toa Mimic WarBots were back in the Order’s hands.

Chapter 7[]

­­The Matoran universe was in chaos. The Skakdi fleet chased Pridak and Vorssah away from Daxia. But there was more bad news than good. The Brotherhood has reclaimed the Southern Continent and the Northern Continent. Also the temporary takeover of the Toa Mimic WarBot Army severely damaged the Orders forces.

Worse, Pridak had allied with Vorssah. Not being able to take Daxia, they will move on to Vorssah’s original target: Metru Nui.

But the Order didn’t know that Pridak’s army and Vorssah’s army were now one; all they knew was Vorssah was heading for Metru Nui. They brought together the Skakdi, what few Order members they had, and the Robot army to wage an all-out attack on Vorssah. AT least for now, the Brotherhood of Makuta was irrelevant.

The Order fleet had, after a day of searching, found The Fang heading north. They were just west of Xia, and it was now quite obvious that Vorssah was heading for Metru Nui. So, the Order had followed The Fang with their radar. There was only one problem: The Fang wasn’t there.

Not only was it ‘not there’, but it could be ‘ANY where’. Vorssah had known that the Order was on his tail, so he deployed a small underwater submarine. The Order had, for hours, been tracking an unmanned submarine.

“Great.” Helryx said out loud. “Just great, we couldn’t even have the luck of finding a manned submarine. We find an empty one.”

Suddenly, something came rocketing up through the water. It was The Fang.

Then on the other side of the Order ship came something ells. It was the submarine. It obviously did have someone on it. The Order ship was trapped between The Fang and a submarine.

The Order ship fired, but the submarine dived too quickly and The Crystal immediately healed The Fang.

The Fang fired back, practically cutting the Order ship into bits.

With the Order ship barely able to float, and the submarine nowhere in sight, the crew would have to teleport out of there. Only one problem: the agent who was a member of Botar’s species, wasn’t able to get his power to work.

“I just…cant.” He said. “I don’t know how to explain it. It feels like my power is being…blocked, by something.”

“Or someone.” said Helryx.

She looked out the window and saw a beam of light coming from The Fang. It formed a bubble that surrounded the entire Order ship.

She looked over at the other agents and said “Their blocking all teleportations to or from this ship.”

They looked back out the window, and saw the cannons were being aimed at them. In a matter of seconds, The Fang would fire its cannons, at it would be over. The main ship in the Order fleet would be sunk, Helryx would be dead, and the Order would be leaderless.

“Those seconds will have to be enough.” She though. “The fleet is too far away to get here in time.”

She pulled back a lever on the control table, and a small missile flew from the ship and blew up a large portion of The Fang. It would take a couple of seconds to heal the ship, and then a few seconds more for the crew to fire their cannons. She took advantage of what little time she had, and reached out with her power. She used it to create a huge title wave that flung The Fang far from them. But they didn’t have time to celebrate. The sub came up, and immediately Cordak missiles, slicing the ship in two. To avoid the massive explosion that followed, they all had to jump in the water.

Their main ship was gone, and so were they if help didn’t come soon. The fleet surly would have seen the explosion and would be on their way. The few crew members of the ship swam to the surface. The Fang had recovered from the missile and the wave, and was now coming for them at full speed. It would be upon them in an instant. They looked over their shoulder and saw the Order fleet, several miles away, was being attacked by Zyglak.

Helryx’s mind raced. She could not muster the power to fling The Fang fast enough, and the fleet wouldn’t be able to help them. The weapons they carried wouldn’t help, and the Order agent of Botar’s species was killed in the explosion.

She was just about to try and use a current and, if they were lucky and she was fast enough, she would suck them underwater and below The Fang. But then a laser bolt came from the sky. It hit The Fang and blew it up, but this time it was a more powerful explosion, and the entire ship was obliterated. The crew was scattered in the water. She looked up and saw several hundred automated planes flying over them. They bombed the Zyglak fleet, forcing it to retreat. This allowed the fleet to come to the aid of the crew.

Just when Helryx thought it was all over, a claw grabbed her by the foot and pulled her underwater. It pulled her into a chamber, and the door she was pulled through closed and the chamber ejected the water.

Inside the camber, a door opened and a being walked into the chamber.

“Pridak!” said Helryx.

Up above, the crew of The Fang had managed to regroup and The Fang had repaired itself after several minutes, and was now diving underwater. The Order crew swam underwater just to see which way The Fang was heading, then they discovered Helryx was gone. They looked, and they saw a submarine traveling deeper underwater. They guessed that the sub had something to do with her disappearance, and they knew there was nothing they could do, but bring an Order submarine over to try and track the other submarine.

They swam back to the surface. The battle was over, the Fang was gone, and the Order war planes were now slowly gliding above the scene of battle.

They climbed aboard a ship that had seen them near the wreckage and came to rescue them. They went straight to the captain and reported everything: their face off with The Fang, the destruction of their ship, Helryx supposedly being kidnapped by the crew of that submarine, which was probably under Vorssah’s control.

“We have to get her back, or the Order will be leaderless.

The Shadowed One sat on his throne on Xia, waiting for Vorssah’s arrival.

It had been two weeks since Vorssah and The Shadowed One came to an agreement. Vorssah would offer his help in conquering Metru Nui, and in exchange, the Dark Hunters would hand over 1/5 of their treasury. But Vorssah never showed up.

“Your time is running out Vorssah,” said The Shadowed One to himself. “If you don’t get here soon, I’ll take Metru Nui for myself, and the only gift you’ll get from me, is a blade, straight from my heart, and right through yours.”

Chapter 8[]

Since the last chapter, the Order of Mata Nui has notified the few Toa that are in Metru Nui to prepare for an attack by Vorssah. They also sent word to Toa from other islands, telling them to go to Metru Nui. Some Toa came via Airship, but some of the Toa were too busy fighting off Brotherhood forces on their own islands.

The Toa that are in Metru Nui include Kongu, Hewkii, a Toa of Fire named Sulaa, and a Toa of Water named Vesi. These four Toa have banded together to make a temporary team called the Metru Nui Defense Team (MDNT).

About another dozen Toa from other islands came in and joined the MNDT, but they knew that 16 Toa wouldn’t be able to hold off the army of barbarians that was on its way there. They just had to trust in the Order of Mata Nui to do everything they could to stop the Brotherhood and the Avarians and Zyglak.

“There are more Toa on the way,” said Sulaa. “But I don’t think they’ll make it in time.”

“The Order will know what to do.” said Hewkii.

“They cannot handle the Avarians alone, and there isn’t enough Toa here to defend Metru Nui.” responded Sulaa.

“Well friends,” said Vesi. “I think Metru Nui is heading towards a very dark end.”

Pridak was standing in a chamber inside of a large submarine, looking at the now tied Helryx, who was obviously clueless about what was going on.

“Strange, isn’t it?” he said. One day, the Barraki armies and the Avarians have nothing do to with each other, then the next day we are allies.”

“I have to admit I was a little curious.” answered Helryx.

Pridak looked at her like a Muaka looks at its prey right before pouncing. “Curiosity is a disease, Helryx. Allow me to cure it for you. At one time I had a spy on your island, as you probably know. I, for about 10 minutes, had control of every Toa Mimic WarBot in the universe. If all this hadn’t happened, I would be dead now. Vorssah and his Zyglak army had my army in a headlock for a while, but he agreed to let me go in exchange for my allegiance. Now both I and Vorssah understand that the WarBots won’t be under our control for a light while, but we can still conquer Metru Nui, without their help. But don’t worry, once we have control over the City of Legends, I will kill my fellow Barraki and Vorssah, and I will rule on my own.”

“Oh, I won’t worry.” said Helryx, looking out a window. “In fact, I don’t think anyone on this submarine will have much to worry about.”

Pridak followed her gaze, and out the window, and outside the submarine they could see another submarine heading towards them at an incredible speed. In a matter of seconds, this sub was going to be sliced in two.

Pridak ran out of the chamber. “Steer hard to port! Steer hard to port!!” He yelled, but it was too late.

The other sub only slowed down a little, but the collision was disastrous all the same. Pridak’s sub was now paralyzed.

The other submarine extended a thick metal tube to the Barraki submarine, sliced through the metal, and opened a passageway between the two vessels.

Several Order soldiers jumped from their submarine to the rapidly sinking Barraki sub, grabbed Helryx, and pulled her into the Order sub.

“Thanks for the save.” said Helryx as the soldiers untied her.

Meanwhile, Pridak was not panicking, but most of the crew was. “Restart the engine! We’re sinking!” came a yell from one crew member.

“Don’t! It will explode! The oil is leaking.” yelled another.

“Plug the leak you idiots!” yelled Pridak. He ran into the engine room and slipped on a puddle of oil. He then got up and grabbed a piece of cloth and clogged the small pipe with it.

“Now start the engine.”

One crew member pulled a lever. The lights flickered on for a second, and then they heard a loud beep and most of the lights turned back off. “What’s happening now?” asked a crew member.

“We’ve got to reboot the power charge, and quickly before the whole system shuts down.”

Pridak pushed a button, and he turned a wheel. This seemed to get the engine fired up, but they were still sinking.

Several maintenance projects that lasted several minutes got the propellers going again, but not as fast as they should be. They would be able to move forward, but not up.

“If we can’t get more power to the engines, were in trouble.” said Pridak.

Chapter 9[]

Pridak was at the end of his list of ideas

For several hours, the submarine had been at the bottom of the ocean. They had managed to move forward for a while, but they sunk eventually. Pridak had tried everything, even throwing everything they didn’t need out of the submarine (including some of the annoying crew members) to lighten up the load, all to no avail.

There was one more thing they could try. They could use the emergency power. This was risky, because the fuel was leaking. If it leaked into the emergency power battery while it was on…

“We have no other choice.” said Pridak. “I will turn on the emergency power battery.”

The battery was massive. He could already see it was wet with leaking oil and gasoline. Hopefully none of the oil or gas got inside the battery.

He pulled the lever. The submarine was 60 years old and the emergency power had never been used. Several light bulbs popped from the sudden surge of electricity, sending glass shards flying everywhere.

Pridak closed his eyes, half expecting the whole vessel to explode, but it didn’t. The engine started back up, what lights that didn’t pop came on, and the propellers went on spinning at a normal speed.

“Now…” said Pridak. “We can go on with what we were doing: moving in on Metru Nui”.

Vorssah was a happy being.

He had just left Xia, after successfully creating an alliance with the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One had sent word the he agreed to ally at the last minute. So Vorssah had to turn around and head back to Xia. But it was worth it. Now with the Zyglak, the Dark Hunters, and the Barraki army, no one would dare oppose him.

The Order of Mata Nui was preparing to defend Metru Nui from a massive attack. Thousands of Order ships and Order airships were heading for Metru Nui. The Skakdi fleet was on its way to aid the Order in Metru Nui, and several ships full of Toa were heading that way as well.

But one ship was held back. This was the War Toa ship.

An energy bolt cannon fired, sending a cannon ball made of pure energy into the hull of a Brotherhood warship. It sliced through the back end of the ship, traveled through the inside, and came out the front end at the speed of sound.

This cannon ball was fired by the most powerful cannon on the Defender, the ship used by the War Toa. Its captain, Rex, was quite pleased with their new ship.

But there was one problem. While the Toa and War Matoran were re-loading the guns, Rahkshi boarded the ship. A rope with a hook on the end flew through the air and latched on to the ship. Rahkshi swung from one ship to the Defender on these ropes, while other Rahkshi flew to the ship. One Rahkshi got shot in mid-air by Rex’s pistol.

When the guns were re-loaded, the cannons fired once again, destroying several ships. A Kanoka Disk flew through the air, thrown by Toa Zend. When it hit a Brotherhood ship’s hull, its weakness power caused the hull to implode from the pressure of the water, sinking the ship.

This battle went on for several hours. The Rahkshi on The Defender were destroyed, and many Brotherhood ships were sunk. At the end, there was only a quarter of this particular Brotherhood fleet was left. One ship, crewed by Toa and the most skilled Matoran warriors in the Universe, had defeated a whole Brotherhood fleet, consisting of about 15-20 ships.

But this was just one fleet. There were many such fleets in the Brotherhood.

Rex looked across the battlefield. He could see shards of ships, smoke, Rahkshi armor, and more.

“Our work here is done.” he said. “We now head for Metru Nui and aid the Toa and Order army there. The tides of this war may turn, in the Order’s favor.”

On the Northern Continent, which contained the last real Brotherhood Base, Bakama was aware of the destruction that was happening, but he wasn’t worried. He had tens of thousands of ships at his command, the Toa will be overwhelmed, and the Order will be crushed.

And this massive fleet will be led by a new tool the Brotherhood has constructed: a huge warship, twice the size of any normal Brotherhood Warship. It had the most powerful cannons in the Universe; its armor was so thick that it is impossible to penetrate it. This ship could win a battle with any other ship, maybe even The Fang.

“Admiral, the ships are ready.” said Tiberius, lieutenant in the Brotherhood Navy.

“Good.” said Bakama, who had recently become Admiral of the Makuta Navy.

“Send word to the captain of the Mega Ship that we leave in half an hour.”

“Yes sir.” said Tiberius, and he left to carry out his Admirals Orders. In half an hour, the Brotherhood would leave for Metru Nui. And once they get there, no Toa or Order member would be left standing, and the Toa Mimic WarBots will be in their hands.

Chapter 10[]

“Metru Nui is heading for destruction.” said Jerbraz.

Jerbraz, Helryx and several Toa were standing on the shores of Le-Metru. Jerbraz had finally been rescued from Pridak’s base, and had been taken to Metru Nui. A lot has happened since he was imprisoned.

It was discovered that Pridak was an ally of Vorssah, but was planning to betray him. Once Vorssah was in control of Metru Nui, he would kill the other Barraki (except for Takadox and Carapar. The last time anyone saw them was in The Pit) and he would steal The Crystal from Vorssah, so he could then murder him too. Order spies had discovered that the Dark Hunters have also made an agreement with Vorssah. On top of that, the Brotherhood has constructed a mega-warship. This ship was perhaps the largest ship of its time.

Also, the Order has fortified Metru Nui, and spread rumors that the Great Furnace has been turned into a weapon that can destroy Antidermis, so the Brotherhood was heading for Metru Nui, with the mega-ship.

“You know what Vorssah is doing, right?” said Jerbraz. “He is gaining military power for himself. He has the Zyglak, the Barraki, and now the Dark Hunters on his side. He knows the Brotherhood is on its way here. He is going to take advantage of the chaos that will ensue.”

“I know that Jerbraz.” answered Helryx. “That’s why we have every single Toa Mimic WarBot that we have created is in Metru Nui. 40,000 robots are here to guard this city. We have a fleet of 10,000 ships and about 10,000 war planes standing by, and we have the War Toa and Skakdi on our side.

“War Toa, what’s that?” asked Sulaa, a Toa of Fire and leader of the Metru Nui Defense Team.

“The War Toa is the most powerful group of Toa in the Universe. They will aid us in guarding the City.”

“Good…” said Jerbraz. “But, where is the computer that controls the WarBots?”

“It is safe in the coliseum.” said Helryx.

“Now THATS not good. This city may be overrun by our enemies. Even if we drive them back out, the Computer might be stolen.”

“Have you seen that fleet Jerbraz?” said Sulaa. There are thousands upon thousands of ships out there.”

“Yes, and they are all under the Computers control. If the enemy gets ahold of that Computer…”

“Jerbraz is right, guys. We need to get the computer out of here.” said Vesi, a Toa of Water.

“It’s too risky. It is more likely to be captured at sea then it is to be captured in the city.” snapped Helryx.

“Helryx is right.” said Sulaa. “We are completely safe.”

At that moment, a large white ship exploded out of the water. It was The Fang.

“Completely safe, huh.” said Jerbraz.

Vorssah smiled as he steered the Fang alongside the dock. Then about half the crew jumped off onto the dock.

100 Avarians ran through the city streets, killing Order soldiers and destroying Toa Mimic WarBots as they went. Their destination: The Coliseum. They were just guessing that the Control Computer would be in the Coliseum. 100 warriors isn’t very many, especially going up against thousands of WarBots. But the crew of The Fang was immortal. They couldn’t be killed.

Once they got to the Coliseum, several Toa were guarding that building. The Avarians cut them down. Kongu and Hewkii were the only two that escaped.

Kongu ran to Helryx to tell her the bad news.

“The Avarians have broken into the coliseum.” he said.

“NO!!” said Helryx.

She, Sulaa, Vesi, Kongu and Jerbraz ran towards the coliseum. Toa Mimic WarBots were flying on their jetpacks to the same building. One tried to fly into a window on the coliseum, only to be hit by a Kanoka disk. It was then teleported by the disk to somewhere ells.

One Avarian could be seen carrying something. What was it?

“He has the Control Computer!” yelled Helryx. She shot her crossbow, only for him to slap the arrow aside with his sword.

The Avarian then set the Computer (which was small enough to carry) and threw something at Helryx. It landed on the ground right in front of her.

“GET BACK, IT’S A GRENADE!” yelled Sulaa, but it was too late. The bomb exploded, sending Helryx flying.

She landed hard on the ground several hundred yards away. She was, amazingly, still conscious.

“You alright?” asked Vesi, running over to where she was. Helryx tried to stand, but she fell back to the ground. “I think my leg is broken.” she said.

Vesi helped her up. Sulaa came running over a minute later.

“That Avarian is gone, and he took the computer with him.” he said.

“He probably hasn’t gotten to The Fang yet.” said Helryx. “Call the fleet. I want every ship, airship, and submarine to attack The Fang and get that computer back once the thief gets there.”

A minute later…

Hundreds of ships sailed towards where The Fang was. Submarines looked through the waters to make sure The Fang hadn’t dived yet. Air ships sailed down towards The Fang. This was the plan:

The airships would strike first, firing thick cables at The Fang’s hull. These cables had powerful magnets at one end of them, and the other end was attached to the air ship itself. Several cables would be fired from each airship, and latch themselves onto The Fang. This would keep The Fang from diving.

Then the ships would close in, their crews would board The Fang, and take the Computer and, if everything went well, The Crystal.

The airships began their descent down to The Fang. It was still there, but the pilots of the airships could see the Avarians getting back onto the ship. They would be gone in a few minutes, and the computer with them, and with the computer: all hopes of winning the war. They had to get it back.

The ships were still about half a mile away. The airships started to fire their cables. One attached itself to The Fang, then two, three, four, more and more attached their magnets to the hull, until finally there were about 20 thick, stronger-than steel ropes tying The Fang to several airships.

Now the entire crew was back onboard The Fang, and the Toa Mimic WarBots would soon be under Vorssah’s control.

The Order‘s army of WarBots had just arrived at the dock, and was attacking the crew. The ships would be there in a few seconds. If the land forces could just keep the crew busy for a few more moments…

The ships drew closer. Then the cannons onboard The Fang started to fire. One energy bullet went straight through an Order ship, sinking it.

Just a few hundred yards away from The Fang now, the Order fought back. One robot fired its Kanoka Disk launcher. It hit a crewmember of The Fang, freezing him.

“Dive!” yelled Vorssah.

“We can’t, were attached to the airships by cables.” said a crew member.

“Cut the cables then!” but it was too late. Two Order ships collided with The Fang, and Toa Mimic WarBots boarded the ship.

The crew of The Fang was already occupied with the WarBots that were on lands, so the WarBots from the Order ships got on the ship with ease.

“Yes!” said Sulaa, who was watching from one of the Airships. “This is going to work.”

On The Fang…

“How quickly can you reprogram the computer?” asked Vorssah.

“I’m not exactly sure, but probably before the WarBots get in and take It.” said a technician onboard The Fang.

“Good. Then reprogram them to obey us.” said Vorssah.

“OK. What do you want them to do first?”

“Tell them to destroy the airships we’re tied too, and then, tell them to return to their ships. We are going to destroy the Brotherhood of Makuta TODAY.”

Chapter 11[]

Rex steered his ship, crewed by Toa and Matoran Warriors, towards Metru Nui. At the speed they were going at they would be at the city in about 30 minutes.

Rex was unaware of what was going on in Metru Nui. The crew of The Fang had stolen the Computer that controlled all the Toa Mimic WarBots, and automated ships and war airplanes.

Now, when Pridak temporarily took over the Toa Mimic WarBots about 2 days ago, hundreds of non-robot Order agents were killed. If they lose the WarBots, there will only be about 400 soldiers guarding Metru Nui. And they were facing thousands of enemies.

If Rex new all this, he probably would’ve gone a little bit faster, but he didn’t now. So he went at normal speed.

He looked at the Radar, and he saw two green dots. The first one was their ship, and the second one was the other War Toa ship, captained by Toa Zend. But there were also several other dots, that were a few miles behind them, and gaining quickly.

Rex walked out the door onto the deck of the ship, and looked with his electronic binoculars. He could see several ships, but there was on difference that separated one from all the rest: it was massive, easily twice the size of the others. And they all were flying the banner of the Brotherhood.

“We’re being chased by the Brotherhood!” yelled Rex.

He ran inside. One of the crewmembers tried to contact the Order in Metru Nui to send re-enforcements, but there was no reply.

The Makuta ships were gaining at a frightening rate.

They tried to contact the Order again. This time there was a reply.

“This is Rex on the War Toa ship Defender, we are being chased by the Brotherhood, and we need re-enforcements now.”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, Captain Rex.” replied the Order Agent. “The computer that controls our robotic soldiers has been stolen. Are ships are busy dealing with The Fang. But we can send some missiles to destroy at least some of the Makuta ships.”

“Do whatever you can.” answered Rex. “Two ships of Toa and Matoran will not be able to hold off a fleet of Makuta Ships this large.”

7 large missiles fired from launchers on Metru Nui. They were heading toward the Brotherhood fleet.

The Defender was only a couple of minutes from Metru Nui port. They could see a large concentration of Order vessels at one port. There were also several airships above that area. Ropes seemed to be attaching something to the Airships.

Then Rex could see it. A white, space ship-like vessel was sitting there in port, unable to go anywhere because of the ropes. Cannons fired from this ship, destroying several automated war ships, but with every Order ship that sunk, two more came in to take its place. This was a truly massive fleet the Order had.

“It’s the Fang.” said Rex. “The most dangerous ship in the Universe, Captained by Vorssah, and onboard that ship, is the object that controls the most powerful army in existence. The Order, or we, must get that computer back.”

Onboard The Fang, one of the crew members began something that would change history, for the Matoran Universe, and beyond.

The War Toa ships were now in the firing range of the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood immediately began to fire. Bolts of pure, glowing energy flew through the air. Beams of shadow energy sliced through the air towards the War Toa, and flying Rahkshi flew through the air.

Bakama, General of the Brotherhood Army, Admiral of the Brotherhood fleet, and ultimately, the leader of the Brotherhood, watched from aboard the Mega Ship.

“Admiral, 7 dots have appeared on the Radar, moving towards us at an incredible speed.”

Bakama looked out the window, and he could see several missiles coming towards them. He then remembered the missiles he saw at the Battle of Stelt [See Chapter Three], and he knew how powerful the Order’s rockets and missiles could be.

“Alright, cloak the ship.” Bakama answered.

Now, one feature that the Brotherhood Mega Ship had was the cloaking device. This made it and anything onboard, invisible, to both radar and the eye. This was a brand new technology, one that was invented by the Brotherhood itself.

The Makuta Mega Ship started to fade, it was becoming transparent. In just a couple of seconds, it was completely gone. It then steered away from its position at max speed to avoid destruction.

The rest of the Brotherhood ships were tightly packed, because the fleet was so huge, and when the missiles hit they blew up about a quarter of the fleet, but the Mega ship was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did it go?” asked Rex, who was watching from his ship. “That biggest ship disappeared.”

“I don’t know sir.” answered a crew member. “Perhaps it teleported off somewhere.”

At that moment, several more missiles fired from launchers in Metru Nui. Rex figured that these missiles were meant for the Brotherhood ships. But in mid-flight, they turned around and came back towards the Order ships.

The result was disastrous, 12 manned Order vessels were destroyed by the missiles, but the automated ones were left untouched. Manned tanks on Metru Nui were destroyed, but again, the automated ones were left intact.

“What’s going on?” asked Sulaa, he was watching the destruction from one of the Airships that were tied to The Fang.

Before anyone could answer, an energy bolt from one of the automated ships hit the air ship they were on. Just a second later, a series of small explosions traveled through the Airship, until a large portion of it exploded. Before the fire and heat could get to the cockpit, Sulaa jumped out through the window. He fell through the air, 600 feet from his end.

Chapter 12[]

Sulaa fell through the air. He had no idea what he was going to do to stop his fall, but he knew he had to do something.

Apparently, Vorssah had gotten control over the Toa Mimic WarBots, and everything else that is controlled by the Computer, which means that Metru Nui and the whole Universe is in serious jeopardy.

Meanwhile, the Matoran doctors worked on Helryx’s broken leg. Some of the mechanical parts in her leg had been damaged, along with part of the organic tissue. The Matoran’s advanced tools would be able to have her leg completely repaired in less than a month.

Also, two of the War Toa ships had arrived, and they were moving at full speed towards The Fang.

With the Brotherhood closing in a few miles away, and the Toa Mimic WarBots taken by Vorssah, nobody was certain of Metru Nui’s fate.

Sulaa fell. All around him, bolts of pure energy, darts, Kanoka discs, etc. flew through the air.

He had no idea how he was going to survive. Perhaps he could use his Mask of Shielding before he hit the ground? No. Even with all his effort, the shield would probably be shattered on impact at the speed he was falling and leave him unconscious. If only he could slow his fall somehow.

Then he looked up. He could see the airship he was in was burnt and was missing nearly a quarter of its mass, but it was still relatively intact. It was falling, but at a very slow rate, and it was not falling at a 90 degree angle, it was more of a diagonal fall.

Also the rope that had attached the airship to The Fang was cut away from the fang, but it was still attached to the airship, and it was dangling just about 6 yards away from him.

He had an idea of how he would reach it. He looked down, and he was only seconds away from crashing into the ground.

Then, he gathered as much of his energy as he could, and then released a large blast of elemental energy (at an angle so it wouldn’t hit any buildings). This generated thrust and he moved towards the rope. It was now in grabbing distance.

He reached and grabbed the rope, and at the speed he was going, it felt like his arm was going to get ripped off, but he held on. He was now only about 40 feet above the ground, but the airship itself was still much, much higher, and falling at a slow rate: it was still partly functional.

He began to climb the rope. All the while a million things were going through his head. The WarBots where taken over, and how would they get them back? How would the Order fend off the Brotherhood without the WarBots, and what about when the Dark Hunters, Zyglak, and Pridak get here? They are probably on their way. What then? The Order was too weak without the WarBots.

He kept climbing as quickly as he could. If he could get to the top of the rope and into the airship, he might be able to get the engine working to move it forward. Airships are lifted by firing levitation disks inside its blimp-like structure. The disks hit the roof of the ship, activate, and lift it up. They move forward and steer with a Liquid Protodermis engine. Liquid Protodermis shoots out of the engine occasionally, providing forward thrust.

Sulaa was now at the top of the rope, and he climbed into the cockpit. Some of the steering controls were damaged. The crew members were gone. Some of them may have survived and jumped out into the water. He hoped that anyone who jumped out landed in the water and not on dry land like he would have.

He ran out of the cockpit and into the engine room, which took up a large portion of the inside of the ship. The pressed a button that would send up more levitation disks. The machines made a horrible grinding sound, and the whole ship shook, threatening to knock him over. It was obvious that the machines were damaged.

Then two disks flew up and hit the wall of the massive ship, halting its fall. Now he just had to get the airship moving…

He pulled a lever that would get the engine going, and the whole ship shook. It rocked back and forth so hard that Sulaa fell on the floor. Smoke rose up from the machinery.

Sulaa Managed to stand up and make his way to the cockpit. A red light was flashing, indicating there was a problem with the engine.

Finally the scorched, fused, and damaged engine managed. A stream of liquid Protodermis shot out of the engine, pushing the ship forward.

Barley able to move forward, and only a few hundred feet above the water, Sulaa steered the airship up slowly. Once he was hidden by the clouds, he would move south, and get help from… someone.

Then he remembered; only a couple of War Toa ships were able to come. He would have to warn the rest of the War Toa fleet that they HAD to come north to Metru Nui and help drive the Brotherhood out.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Metru Nui near the shore, there were little signs of life. The Matoran and Order members moved inland. Scorch marks were left on the ground. Massive buildings were reduced to rubble and dust.

In the ocean right off Metru Nui’s bays, there were no ships; again all that was left was debris that was able to float.

But look out a few miles, and you could see a massive fleet of ships heading away from Metru Nui, led by The Fang. And if you look out a little farther, you could see another massive fleet, led by a huge ship. But this fleet was heading TOWARDS Metru Nui.

When these two fleets collided, and when the two leading ship faced each other, how massive and destructive a battle it will be.

Chapter 13[]

Vorssah stood in the bridge of his ship, staring at the huge brotherhood fleet. He thought he had caught a glimpse of a larger ship, but it was gone now. Vorssah knew that his new army, fleet, and air force would probably be able to overcome the Brotherhood fleet.

But then, coming straight for The Fang, a ship, tremendous in size, appeared out of nowhere.

“Evasive! Move away from that ship.” Vorssah yelled, but it was too late, the ship smashed into The Fang, splitting it in half.

Under normal circumstances, The Fang would just repair itself, but the ship was split in half and the two pieces floating away from each other, and the room that the Crystal was kept in was exposed to the wind, and the Crystal fell into the water. Vorssah, standing on the piece that made up the bridge, knew that he and his ship were vulnerable, and so was he, and that giant ship had disappeared again. So Vorssah dove into the water to try and retrieve the Crystal.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood fleet was locked in battle with the Avarian fleet. Neither side knew who would win. The brotherhood cannons fired bolts of shadow energy. The Avarian ship also fired. Rahkshi were flying over the Avarian fleet, using their laser vision, shadow energy, etc. powers to cause as much damage as they could. And at the same time, Toa Mimic WarBots were using their jet pack to ride up to battle the Rahkshi.

In air and sea, an extremely heated battle was waging. When the WarBots would destroy all the Rahkshi in the air, a series of small missiles would fly up and vaporize a large portion of the WarBots, making room for even more Rahkshi to join the battle.

Meanwhile, on Metru Nui, Matoran, Order members, and the few Toa that were left alive came out from behind broken buildings and rubble. The looked over the horizon, and they could see huge explosions, flashing lights, and missiles that were flung off track flying upwards randomly. Sulaa was missing; almost the entire fleet was gone. It was anyone’s guess what the outcome of this war would be.

Chapter 14[]

Vorssah swam down as quickly as he could. He knew that has soon as he had the Crystal back on the Fang, the ship would be healed/reconstructed and he would be safe. But until he got to that point, the Fang was in two pieces, his crew was being killed by Rahkshi, and he was vulnerable.

He was getting close to the ocean bottom. He could see a glimmer of light. Was it light reflecting off of the Crystal?

Yes. He could see it know. It seemed to be jammed between two large, white rocks. He swam down, grabbed it, and with some effort, he wrenched it loose, and began to swim back up.

He could feel the energy returning to him. Even though it had been only a few minutes, he missed the feeling of the Crystals protection. He was almost addicted to its company.

“Yes…” thought Vorssah as he swam. He almost felt as if the Crystal was… a sentient being… who gave him strength.

Vorssah has had thought like this before. He was quick to dismiss them. This thing was a 5 pound piece of crystal, which Vorssah admitted had unusual powers, but other than that, it was no more than a ball of minerals.

He continued to swim upwards, when he felt a disturbance in the water. It was coming from under him.

He looked down, and saw to huge, glowing orbs pointing directly up at him. Then those glowing spheres began to move towards him.

He then realized exactly what he was seeing. Those were no rock that the Crystal had been jammed between.

He swam as fast as he could, getting closer to the surface of the water. Then he reached it. He looked around. The Brotherhood fleet was still locked in combat with the Avarian and WarBot fleet. The Fang, drifting about half a mile away, was still in two pieces, but the crew had managed to keep them afloat. Both sections were being attacked by Rahkshi.

Then, bursting out of the water, came the creature which had been lurking under the silver sea for a thousand years. The creature the Matoran called, the dweller in the deep, had been awaken by Vorssah. And a thousand years of slumbering is certain to give such a huge creature an equally huge appetite.

The Shadowed One stood on the Deck of his ship. They were just entering the dome that Metru Nui was enclosed in, and only a few hundred miles away from the battle taking place.

The Shadowed One is unaware of the Battle between the Brotherhood and the Avarians.

Pridak was lost in thought aboard his own ship, among his own massive fleet. His alliance with Vorssah would give him a huge advantage. It was one of Vorssah’s ships that helped him get out of that horribly embarrassing situation with the submarine.

His plan: aid Vorssah in the destruction of the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta, and ones they were out of the way, Pridak would kill the other Barraki, then steel the Crystal and kill Vorssah. Maybe he would take control of the Dark Hunter if they got in his way.

“The next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun.” Pridak said to himself.

Bakama steered his clocked ship and rammed it right into a WarBot ship, knocking it over and sinking it. But three more came in to take its place.

Bolts of pure energy shot from the Brotherhood ships cannons, and the same fire power was returned to them. It was a draw.

But then Bakama looked back to the south, and saw something that would give the Avarians a disastrous advantage: a large fleet of Zyglak had just appeared on the horizon, and closing in on the Brotherhood fleet fast.

And for the first time in… well ever, Bakama was worried, and maybe even a little frightened.

Too be Continued...














The Shadowed One

Two Brotherhood commanders

A Captain of an Order ship

A member of Botar's species