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"Too bad he's dead now. He would have been able to give the Fire Tribe many victories in the Arena with his ability to predict the opponent's next ten moves. After that, he would have instantly come up with about two hundred possible ways to counter."
Raanu talking about Vulcanus to Gelu
Vulcanus (Being)
Fire Tribe
General for the Core War
Can predict opponent's moves, then think of counter strategies
Flame Sword (passed down to Ackar)

Vulcanus was a member of the Fire Tribe and a general during the Core War.


Vulcanus was born thousands of years ago on Spherus Magna to unknown parents.

Many years later, his parents were murdered. Vulcanus vowed to never let anything like that happen to him again, and he began training his mind and body. He went around the planet observing battles, studying techniques, creating battle plans, and developing his strength.

When the Core War struck the planet, Vulcanus was hired as the second-in-command of the Fire Tribe army by the Element Lord of Fire.

During one part of the war, Vulcanus was to send a small army to the village of Tesara to stop them from sending a group to get some Energized Protodermis. Before stricking, Vulcanus created the ultimate battle strategy, knowing all the Jungle Glatorian moves beforehand, and giving the Agori all the best strategies to counter. With this knowledge, the Fire Tribe claimed victory against the Jungle Tribe.

Soon after, he was to go to combat against the Ice Tribe army, coming to take back some Protodermis they collected. Vulcanus thought of all the strategies of the Ice Tribe, then he thought of all the strategies he could use to counter their attacks. When the Fire Tribe went to battle, Vulcanus was fighting Strakk, who was leading the Ice army. Vulcanus was then killed by Strakk after failing to block a move in time, which resulted in Strakk stabbing him through his heart.

Years later, the Fire Tribe re-named their village "Vulcanus," after him and his valiant efforts in the Core War.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Vulcanus carried a Flame Sword, which, in his will, he passed down to Ackar, one of his good friends. He also had a special power; he knew all the possible strategies of all his opponents, then was able to think of every way to counter.


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