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Orriki’s Toa Hagah (Formerly)
•Protosteel Sword
•Nynrah Ghostblaster prototype

Vreck is a Toa of Iron and a former member of Orriki's Toa Hagah team.


Early Life[]

Not much of Vreck's life prior to becoming a Toa (let alone a Toa Hagah) is known. It is known he was originally a crafter from the Tren Krom Peninsula.

Toa Hagah[]

Shortly after becoming a Toa, Vreck was recruited by the Brotherhood of Makuta to act as one of Makuta Orriki's bodyguards. At some point after this, however, Vreck committed a currently unknown crime so severe the team's leader, Krexp, had no choice but to banish the Toa of Iron from the island the team guarded, effectively ending his membership as a Toa Hagah.

From that point, Vreck became a wanderer. His current location and status are unknown.

Alternate Versions[]


In the Chalkaverse-1, Vreck never became a member of a Toa Hagah team. Instead, he traveled around as a bounty hunter, taking down criminals, or anyone he was asked to, for widgets. Though he originally declined an offer to join the Dark Hunters, he later changed his mind after discovering he was being hunted by the Brotherhood of Makuta because of his elemental powers. Upon becoming a Dark Hunter, the Shadowed One gave him the alias "Supercommando."

Abilities, Tools, and Traits[]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Toa of Iron, Vreck is capable of creating and controlling metal. He also possesses formidable strength.

Tools and Equipment[]

Vreck wears the Kanohi Akaku, the Great Mask of X-Ray Vision. His weapons are a Protosteel Sword and an early model of a Nynrah Ghostblaster, which is capable of allowing Vreck to mentally control mechanical devices.

Traits and Personality[]

Stubborn and self-absorbed, Vreck has always been mostly concerned about himself. Before joining the Toa Hagah, he would often only lend his assistance as a Toa only to those who could pay handsomely. He has a deep grudge against Krataka, who he felt wasn't deserving of being the team's second-in-command.


  • Vreck's Dark Hunter alias in the Chalkaverse-1 is taken from the Mandalorian Supercommandos. This was chosen because of his bounty hunter origins, with two of the most well-known Star Wars bounty hunters, Jango Fett and Boba Fett, having been Mandalorians themselves.
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