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Chapter 1: Welcome To Voya Nui[]

In the Level you speak with Garan and talk about were you came from. Then Garan orders you to find a Nui-Jaga and ascend off to jugoo-romakion in the jungle to talk with Piruk. Piruk tells you about The Piraka

and ascends you on a daring mission to find Vezok. But when you get to the little water village, you and your Ga-Matoran friends are being attacked by a Tarakava. Once you have won, you have to free 6 Matoran slaves.

Use your Zamors to free them(Zamors will only last 5 blocks and 4 hits unless you buy 4 more with Dalu). Dalu gives you four Zamors in order to free them 2 at a time. In addition, as a reward she gifts you

10 Zamors on the way home. Back at the hideout, Garan tells you to leave him and you ascend to the tribe of Nui-Ramas.

Chapter 2: Tribe Of The Nui-Ramas[]

Drunken Rahi Cantina

Village Of Rahi

You see a entire squadron of Rahi in this various tribe. But beatable... After beating 2 sand Tarakavas, you win a spear of earth and the mask of speed. Then you take your Nui-Jaga and fly to the other

side of the village, were you find:

  1. Two hungry Mauka
  2. Three Burnak
  3. Seventy eight Fikous.

After defeating The Mauka, you earned the mask of x-ray vision and shielding. After the Burnak are over with, spear of fire, spear of water, and stone armor.

Fikous don't have anything useful.

You talk to Velika and ask him were Kazi is and go back for the Nui-Jaga, but its gone. You look deeper into the village.

Chapter 3: Nui-Rama Attack[]


King Rama

You unexpectedly find one hundred Nui-Rama and a Rama-Ko(King Rama). You defeated 25 earns high-shots and 50 head-shots. All 100 gives melee-shots. Then the Rama-Ko appears and behind him you can catch four Nui-Rama eating you Nui-Jaga. And you cannot damage Rama-Ko, though you can climb his back and you've reached your destination. Vezok's Reign.

Chapter 4: Vezok's Reign[]


Vezok's poster on his wall

You finally fight Vezok, but you are in danger. Piraka dodge attacks easily, but if you have melee-shots and head-shots..... The don't notice. The spikes is were you can damage him without it. Be sure to hit them, or if he sees it, he gets 4 attacks, 2 light attacks, and a melee attack. Once you beat him, you earn a Ruru.

Chapter 5: A new start with Reidak[]

Garan tells you to convince Reidak to join your side. Just as Garan finishes, a Burnak appears. You say, "Oh my!" After defeating the Nurnal called Burnak, Garan tells you what you just saw.

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Voya Nui