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The Vorgaan 001
Power(s) Unknown
Location(s) Unknown
Status At War
Pronunciation vohr-gaan

The Vorgaan are a race of beings from deep in space who think machinery is heresy. They will wage war on any who use machinery in favour of 'organic' technology, and are currently at war with Galathei Nui.


Originating from Vorga'tzash, a small world far from Spherus Magna, the Vorgaan evolved so that everything they created and everything they owned was grown. All armour, weapons, and even spacecraft, were genetically engineered. Anything that wasn't grown was an offence to Those of the Higher Plain, their supposed creators. Such an offence was punishable by death, and eternal damnation.

At some point, Vorga'tzash was destroyed, and the remaining Vorgaan went in search of a new home. On their way through space, they needed to refuel their organic spacecrafts. They attached themselves to one of the legs of the Great Spirit robot and allowed their ships to burrow through the metal in places, hoping to find organic matter to feed on. When they passed through the metal hull, it closed up behind them, trapping them in the Matoran Universe. The first landmasses the Vorgaan came across were a series of uninhabited islets, but scans revealed that there was a dome full of organic matter below. After scooping up some of the ocean, they found Galathei Nui, penetrated the dome using forces unknown, and allowed the dome to flood, hoping to kill the inhabitants and then feed on their organic material.

The Toa acted quickly. They raised the dome to the surface, stopping the flood and transforming Galathei Nui into a regular island. In the process, they also destroyed the spacecrafts of the Vorgaan who, enraged, killed all but one of the now-weakened Toa. The Vorgaan then continued to wage war against the mostly-mechanical Matoran and Toa, who they saw as inferior and heretical.

Known Vorgaan[]


  • The Vorgaan are a tribute to the Yuuzahn Vong from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.