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The Vorahi are a group of toa who were regresed due to a disaster in the Matoran Universe.

Power(s) Various
Location(s) Alternate Matoran Universe, Possiblily others
Status Widespread
Pronunciation Vo-RA-hi


In an alternate Matoran Universe, a disaster happened. The toa of this universe regresed into little more than beasts. Their masks were fused to their faces and were deformed, and their elemental powers transformed to unusual, anti-elemental ones, like acid and magma.More coming soon

Unnamed Acid controlling Vorahi[]

Nothing much is know about this specimen except that he fought in the war in his universe. After Magnex and Crystallus defeated the Vorahi army, this specimen went into hiding. He somehow ended up in the Ryta Universe. There he was recruited by the Organization Black World, and was promoted to Gahu's second in command in his squad. During the fiht in Ru, he killed many H.E.R.O's, but was later defeated by Cosec, who unleashed a wave of lava on him. Kraahkan (Being) later accompained him to a medical cruiser.

Abilities and traits[]

They still can use elemental powers, although they can't use Kanohi. These were long ago fused to their faces. They have natural claws and tails. Their aspect varies by the toa they once were.


  • Birth of Evil
  • The Darkness Returns



  • They were created by Abc8920.
  • They are based of the Vorox
  • The one in the picture and the gallery is only a particular speciment.
  • The acid Vorahi won the Ansem the Awmesome MoC contest.