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Vor Sxe'cahn
The Vorgaan 001
Disciple of Vradok
Buzz Saw, Daggers

Vor Sxe'cahn is a Vorgaan heretic and member of the Disciples of Vradok. He is responsible for managing the farm moon of Ik'Jaro.


Vor was born on the Vorgaan homeworld of Vorga'tzash before the planet's destruction. He migrated with his people into the Solis Magna system, but was exiled at some point just afterward for use of a technological device that he had secretly brought onto a Vorgaan spacecraft. Considered a heretic, his superior officers were merciful and dumped him on the shady world of Rimus Magna, where he fell under the sway of Kreix. It was not long after that Vor joined the Disciples of Vradok.

Upon joining the organisation, he shared with them the secrets of Vorgaan bioengineering, as well as showing them how to grow Viperdust spice, a key ingredient in organic weaponry. He was then placed in charge of a farming operation, to apply what he knew, and for this he chose the Kiridonian moon Ik'Jaro.

At some point, Vor was subjected to a virus by Reiax which gave him sand and glass-based abilities.

Vor was also chosen to aid the war against the Water Council. He went with Vradok's fleet, aboard the OSV Shadow Plague.

Abilities and Traits[]

Like all Vorgaan, Vor is very strong, and able to perform "super leaps", allowing him to cross great distances quickly. He submitted himself to one of Reiax's experiments upon joining the group, which gave him control over sand and glass, though he rarely uses this ability as it brings back memories of the experiment.

Although he is a member of the Disciples of Vradok, Vor is kind and compassionate, and puts others before himself. Why he chose to follow Vradok, the antithesis of these ideals, is unknown.

Mask and Tools[]

Vor wears no Kanohi mask, but carries a Buzz Saw and a series of daggers.