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The Vool Zone is a distant planetary body.


Makuta Jorafix was the first being to discover the Vool Zone. He decided to call it Vool Trak. "Vool" in the Ryag Language means portal and "trak" means other(so it basically means "other portal"). Karfan was the first Glatorian to find the Vool Zone. Bazuka was the first Ryag to find the Vool Zone.


The Vool Trak went through a time when there was a massive war wich set off extreme global cooling(due to so many camp fires that slowly blocked out the sun).

In the time of cooling, a Ryag named Bazuka found five scrolls that told of the history of vool trak. (This is how they learned why the Derinus are still animal-like).

After 1,000 years, the planet had warmed up enough to only have polar caps.

200 years later, though, there was no polar ice caps. for some reason,the planet had still been warming up to the point that all water started evaporating.


  • The Ryag are waiting for the next Frost Age.
  • Vool Trak has one moon, Gritt