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Kanohi Hovorus
Spherus Magna
"Those who view the universe only one way are idiots"

Volken is the only Toa of Anti-Matter currently in existence. His history has only been revealed in recent years.


Volken was discovered after a great storm by a group of Matoran and Agori traders from Vulcanus. During the storm, many Matoran and Agori claimed to have seen a black and red light fall from the sky. When the traders found his broken form slowly sinking into the mud, they pulled him out, and in doing so, saved his life.

He was later brought before the leaders of the tribes and questioned. They asked about his armor, his scythe-like weapon, and the strange markings on his mask. He did not know his mask power during their questioning. When he was later deemed fit to escort caravans throughout the land, he discovered he wore the Great Mask of Shockwaves.


We have received reports saying that Volken has been killed. However, there are have reports on his armor floating into the air and then crumpling together into new shapes and different chunks of armor. His mask remained the same however but the markings were said to glow a sea blue color. It is believed Volken is being reborn into a stronger body.


Volken's armor incorporates many things that would not be seen on a Toa's armor, from the masks of fallen foes to the vertebrae of dead Rahi.

Abilities and Traits[]

Volken is quiet and secretive.

Mask and Weapons[]

Volken wears the Kanohi Hovorus, Great Mask of Shockwaves. This mask, when summoned, could send a wave of energy at any target. If the user chooses, it can channel the user's elemental power into the shockwave, in this case generating a wave of Anti-matter. He discovered this when dealing with one of the few living sandbats. He wields a large scythe.


  • That is all the info we have to this day on Volken, who is rather secretive.
  • When the traders saved him, their escort asked him his name. All Volken could get out before he coughed up more fluid was "Volk-". After he coughed violently, he finished with "ken, Volken."
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Better view on his armor and scythe