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Dark Energy Blasts, Control Over Lighting,
Dark Caves

Volevalto are bat like creatures that make up there residence on Bara Magna in caves mainly near Knee Island and other mountains regions on the planet.


Volevalto where originally hunters of the night on Spherus Magna striking fear into the hearts of all who saw them. When the Great Cataclysm accrued, mostly all of the Volevalto where cooperated and started to live in new places on the different planets. A majority thought where trapped on Bara Magna unable to flee to new planets. Since the Skrall kept there mountain, and the White Quartz Mountains where to cold, the Volevalto where forced in to the Mountains of Knee Island and where rarely heard from during the day.

For the Volevalto that stayed in the Matorna Universe, they had to take refuge in the depths of the Universes Core. Some of the species even joined different alliances like the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta and where eventually killed off (well except for the ones that hide.).


All the Volevalto look like giant bats that walk upright. The all have long hair like antenna that can since the airspace around them for such things as Rahi and Matoran which they both conceder food. They also have lime green eyes that allow them to see in the night, and can be refocused to allow them to see in the day light. They have huge wings that can be used for flight (Obviously) and to blow back opposites. There are also two long horns that extend from either side of there head and can be used as weapons (If necessary). They have long tails that end in a spike that contains a type of poison that is quite deadly to most Rahi and not easily cured. Finally, they have clawed feet and hands for climbing up rocks.


Volevalto can produce powerful energy blasts that can be shot from the palm of there hand. They also have control over the element of Lighting and can create weapons out of them that can stun an opponent with over 100,000 volts of electricity. They can regenerate parts of there body slowly and take a long time to completely return to original form. The Volevalto can use a form of sight that allows them to share visions and show others what they have seen. Also they can travel through space using a tunica called Oris (Latin for Mouth) to travel to other destinations around the world that they live in.


  • Volevalto comes from the words Volatilis meaning Winged and Everto meaning Demon.
  • The idea for the Volevalto came from Bleach's Ulquiorra Shiffer.