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Volcanic (Toa Hydros)
Dark Hunter
Elemental Fire powers
Flame Sword, flamethrower, Zamor Launcher

Volcanic is the result of an experiment conducted by the Brotherhood of Makuta and is currently a Dark Hunter.


Originally, Volcanic was two separate beings. When the Brotherhood of Makuta came across the Spear of Fusion, they chose to test its power on a captive Toa of Fire and Tahnok Bohrok they had stole from the Onu-Metru Archives. As a result of their experimentation, they fused the Toa and Bohrok into a single being.

While he was created from a Toa and a Bohrok, the Toa's mind remained in control of the body. Horrified by his transformation, the fusion escaped his captivity and eventually joined up with the mercenary group known as the Dark Hunters, where he was given the codename "Volcanic".

His last known assignment was to track and follow the Toa Nuva, though his current location remains unknown.

Abilities and Traits[]

Volcanic possesses massive control over the elemental power of Fire. He is also immune to intense heat and flame. He is strong and durable, and is a master swordsman.

Like a Bohrok, Volcanic's true mind is contained within a Krana. If this Krana were to worn by another being, then his mind would be transfered to the host's body. Should this Krana be removed, Volcanic's body would deactivate and become nothing more than souless armor. Due to the nature of the fusion, the Krana's original intelligence was overridden and replaced by the mind of the Toa, whose consciousness is currently tied to the Krana.


Volcanic wields a flame sword and a double-barrel flamethrower. He also uses a Zamor Launcher.