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Volca Nui
VOAL-cuhh NEW-ee

Volca Nui is an island on Aqua Magna, distinguished by the massive volcano at its center. It is currently destroyed.


Volca Nui was originally a part of the Spherus Magna's water region. After the Shattering, it ended up on the planet of Aqua Magna, where it remained, uninhabited for thousands of years until the Battle of Bara Magna, at which time the planet of Spherus Magna was reformed. Many Skakdi or Matoran, seeking a new home similar to their island realms, colonized the island.

As a result of the fusion of the three planetoids, many geological instabilities occurred in the new planet's mantle. One of these formed a magma plume that erupted at the center of the island in the form of a volcano, directly on top of an energized Protodermis wellspring. As a result, the Protodermis was diluted into the magma at the volcano's core, culminating in the bonding of the two substances into a new sentient material with fire power. The fearful Volca Nuians attempted to hire Toa to wipe the entity out, only for it to become enraged and enter a rampage, mutating creatures to do the volcano's will

After destroying much of the island, it sought to spread itself across the universe and assert its dominance over its other life-forms. Before it could do so, the Dark Hunters Prototype and Vanisher used their respective lava and teleportation abilities to teleport it out of the Solis Magna system. However, some remnants of the substance still remained on Volca-Nui, and though they were disconnected from its primary mind following its banishment, they occasionally behaved in a hostile manner towards the island's inhabitants. a example of this was Volcanous being mutated into a toa-like form.

Shortly after, a group of rogue Rahkshi (having previously rebelled from the Rahkshi Lord) arrived to decimate the island.


The island was originally home to several different biomes, most notably a large forest and some grassland. However, both of these areas were decimated during the fire monster's rampage, and neither have yet managed to grow back to their original state. Currently, most of the terrain is instead rocky and sandy, making it difficult for any crops to be grown.

At the center of the island lies a volcano. Since the monster's defeat, the magma content has decreased significantly, and erosion processes have begun to wear the caldera down.

Known inhabitants[]