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"But I have to do as Teridax ordered me!"
"You do have to follow his orders, yes, but that doesn't mean you can't bend them.
―"Volatile" and Antroz


"Volatile" was originally a Ga Matoran from Nepolius. One day, a Brotherhood of Makuta member came to the island in the absence of the original Makuta. Seeing potential in "Volatile", she trained the young Matoran as a warrior, using methods that might have been considered malicious or even cruel. During the training, "Volatile" even forgot her own real name.

Eventually, "Volatile" became a Toa and a Brotherhood of Makuta member. She completed many tasks for the Brotherhood, and constantly trained to be better.

37,000 years ago, Mutran and Chirox began research into creating a multi-elemental Toa, unaware that the Order of Mata Nui were doing the same. They enlisted "Volatile" to undergo the experiment. Using Toa Stones, Energized Protodermis, and a series of Kanoka disk energies, they transformed "Volatile" into a Toa of Water, Ice and Shadow, as well as giving her some other powers, too. She then became the apprentice of Makuta Locuz, who taught her how to control her new-found powers.

When Locuz started to work on bringing Ihu back to life, "Volatile" learned of what he was doing and tried to stop him, but Locuz wiped her memory of the event and sent her back to Destral, where Antroz recommenced her training.

Just before the Destiny War, "Volatile" joined Makuta Pyrez's trip to the Pit, but got separated from him upon finding Ihu. The two rejoined in Karda Nui and promptly left for Jydivia.

On Jydivia, "Volatile" and Pyrez learned that the Order of Mata Nui were also on Jydivia, so Pyrez sent her to create more Rahkshi. Whilst doing this, she was possessed by Vradok, a villainous Great Being who had been dead for more than 30,000 years.

Abilities and Traits[]

"Volatile" can control the elements of water, ice and shadow, and can breathe underwater, is unaffected by any form of mutation, can withstand extreme cold, can see in the dark, and can teleport and levitate.

She is a fierce fighter who will show no compassion towards an enemy, will follow orders without hesitation, but she will sometimes twist them to achieve her own ends.

Mask and Tools[]

"Volatile" wears the Kanohi Mask of Sight, which allows her to see anything, anywhere, as long as it is on the same planet. She carries two Shield Blades, which can channel her elemental powers, as well as make a shield (when combined),  or make a hover/surf board.