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Void Between Dimensions
Primary ResidentsUnknown Creatures, Thousands of Sentient Beings
Former Residents{{{3}}}
LocationBetween the Dimensions
PronunciationVoid Bi-tween Di-men-sions

The Void Between Dimensions,or just The Void, was originally just the dumping ground of the access Antimatter created by the Great Beings, and was totally devoid of life. Then, one day, Reeha, a Great Being at the time, turned the Void into a large Galaxy with many 'Planets'. Because it is between dimensions, there is no "Alternate Void", thus meaning the residents have no "Alternate Versions" of themselves.

Reeha's Fortress[]

Reeha first created this Planet,and put his Fortress on it. It's apperance looks war-torn, although that is how Reeha has made it look. It has a small amount of civilians,usually found in his Tower. It is home to The DeathGaurd Elite,Reeha's militia. It should be noted that his orginal Tower (Shown) was renovated, so it looks different than shown. It has four Quarters: the Trade,War,Resident,and the last one leads only to Reeha's Chambers.


Reeha's Original Tower

Metropolis Planet[]

Reeha created this planet,surprisingly, as an afterthought. It is bustling with life.It has a grey-black color to it, and has a ton of windows, bridges,and an under city. Because of it's size (Population-Wise),it has it's own police force, but not the DeathGaurd Elite (Although there are a few agents there.)

Primitive Planet[]

Reeha only created this planet to see if live could survive in The Void. The residents did more than survive: the grew into a savage race, much to Reeha's delight. There are two main sentient beings: the Tribesman, and the War Golems, and the latter serves the former.

Warping Junk Planet[]

This planet was originally barren, until Reeha fused an Olmak with it's core. He wanted it to be able to have it warp to other dimensions, but instead, warp holes keep opening up in other dimensions, sucking things (And living things), and releasing them onto this planet. Because of this, it has inevitably become a planet covered in junk. The only permanent residents are a group of strange, cannibalistic savages. Reeha's scientist, Tarmik, has a large base literally in the planet, conducting his experiments.