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Associated Colors Black, Random Highlight
Prefix Ak-

Void is an element in the Cyclic Plane Alternate Universe

Species Wielders


  • Ak-Matoran represent the element of Void. they contain a small amount of Elemental Void energy, giving them the ability to survive with little air, water or food, and excellent night vision.
  • Toa of Void possess the elemental power of Void, allowing them to create gravitic pulls, negate powers, and generate extreme cold, only limited by the need to wait for Elemental Void Energy to recharge after they run out of it.
  • Turaga of Void possess small amounts of elemental Void energy


  • Lehvak-Kal had a small range of Void-related powers.
  • The Bahrag had a wide range of Void Powers


  • Creating a miasma of toxic matter
  • Generate extreme cold
  • Strip other beings of their powers
  • Create Gravitic pulls
  • Resisting elemental attacks
  • Unleashing a Void Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)


Any combinations with other elements are unknown, due to the extreme rarity of void users, and Void's ability to negate powers

Inritteth, A Toa of Void, using her elemental powers

Known Users

  • All Ak-Matoran
  • All Toa of Void
    • Akirak (Toa Xharios)
    • Crypto
    • Inritteth
  • Vamprah
  • Lehvak-Kal
  • Ozahkura


  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga are female, and incredibly rare. They also tend not to talk unless they know they are safe.
  • In relation to The Weave, Void is seen as a fusion of Ice and Shadow